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Here's something I write to you, to explain to you why I do the things I do.

Discussion in 'Love' started by airnel, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. :bookworm:At first I thought that I was for the best, but as it turns out I'm just like the rest.

    I'm starting to clearly see, that that's really not what I'm meant to be.

    When I first met you, you were troubled and you had a bit of misery but I could still see that you were pretty happy.

    Now that I've come along, I somehow feel that for you it's just like a sad song.

    I feel for you when you cry, I know how you feel without me even having to try.

    I wanted nothing more than to make you happy, but now I can see I just make you feel crappy.

    I wake up everyday thinking about you, sometimes I wish it weren't true.

    I'm so conflicted with you, that I feel like I need to kneel on a church pew.

    I wanted nothing but the best for you, even if it means me being out of the queue.

    I want you to know that each moment with you, for me is something magical. No matter how mundane or trivial.

    I know now that I have to walk away, because in the end I know that without me you'll wake up to a better day.

    So now I think I should say goodbye, and hope and pray to God that I don't cry.

    Because the best thing in my life right now is you, now I guess I'll just have to make do.
  2. salamat sa like boss glenn:D
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  3. pa-copy bro airnel lagay ko lang sa time line ko :cat: (y) lamat :hungry:
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  4. aw, this lines are so inspiring. thanks for sharing ka phc, :thumbsup:
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