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Help with wireless transmission with PIC micro

Discussion in 'Academic & Campus Talk' started by max_torch, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. Hello mga sir.
    First off this is for my thesis.
    Does anyone know how to send data wirelessly from a PIC16 microcontroller to another PIC16 microcontroller? It could be RF, or zigbee, or bluetooth, or anything as long as i can send data to the other PIC.
    Also FYI we are not allowed to use arduino.
    I have been searching how to do this, but problem is in one of our local electronics shop, e-gizmo, their products seem to be geared specifically for use with arduino modules. And most of the tutorials online about this thing are all for arduino. So I really need help on how to do this with the PIC. I know the basics with regards to the PIC such as delays, scanning, RB0 interrupt, lookup table, etc., but it seems that most of the interface with these modules use UART, which as of now I am still not familiar with using.
    Also, if you do not know this, then at least who could I call or contact who can teach me this or where can I learn this, even I have to pay (hopefully not a back-breaking price)?
    This is the last obstacle between me and graduation and becoming a real electronics engineer. I'm desperate because my teachers don't even know how to do this yet they are requiring this feature. I would really appreciate your help.
    Also I live in Negros Occidental.
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