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Help Help po!

Discussion in 'Mobile Broadband Questions' started by MasterBean510, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. MasterBean510

    MasterBean510 Addict Established


    Pahelp naman po ako. Na-openline ko na po siya kaso po kapag kumokonek ako eh ganito po ang lumalabas. Yung sinet ko naman pong settings na profile niya ay yung default settings po ng smart internet. Pati po yung globe ganyan din lumalabas. :( Salamat po sa tutulong.
  2. How to Fix All Common Huawei Dongle Errors – Error 619, Error 628 and Error 678

    Below are the commonest huawei dongle or usb modem errors that can prevent you from connecting your PC to the internet after selecting an Please or Register to view links that matches with your chosen network

    • error 619
    • error 628
    • error 678
    1. Modem error 628:

    The Connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed!

    Please or Register to view links

    Causes of Modem error 628

    The above error code and network connection prompt is what you gets whenever your simcard that has been inserted into your modem shows if it’s not having an active internet subscription either in bundle or via pay as you use that is, directly from your line.

    In most cases, if you’re experiencing this type of modem connectivity error with your modem, its shows that your Simcard is what should be troubleshooted and not your modem your Please or Register to view links

    How to Fix error 628

    To solve error 628 of internet usb modem, simply ensure your simcard has been subscribed and connected to an Please or Register to view links or bundle by choosing from any network of your choice operating in your country. This is the solution to this type of internet modem error in most cases.

    2. Modem Error 619:

    A Connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed.


    Causes of Error 619
    If you’re experiencing this type of error when getting your PC(device) connected to the internet, its shows that your internet profile settings is what you’re going to most likely troubleshoot. To do this please check the three solution steps below

    How to Fix error 619 – 3 Easy Steps

    First, you’re going to check the profile settings you have chosen matches with the network simcard you have inserted
    Second, to fix this 619 modem error, you are going to also ensure the Please or Register to view links for the selected network has not be tampered with or altered mistakenly

    Lastly, you can also easily solve error 619 in your modem by carefully ensuring your APN(Access Point Number) is still much intact as any alteration could lead to your usb modem suffering Please or Register to view links with series of errors display.

    3. Modem Error 678:

    The remote computer did not respond


    Causes of error 678
    Internet modem error 678 is easily observed when a simcard is just being inserted into the modem whereas the former reception bar has not completely disconnected before trying to connect to the internet

    For example, my PC has been rocking the internet with a MTN sim on my modem until I begin to experience poor connectivity or probably my data plan or bundle cap allocated to the subscription has been completely used up, and I’m still having unused data on my GLO, immediately the modem is removed, the dashboard user interface might be showing a band signal, if i try connecting immediately without waiting for the modem to initialize and register the newly inserted network, error 678 will be shown

    How to Fix Modem Error 678
    If you’re using an unlocked modem or pre-unlocked universal modem, Whenever a simcard is removed from the modem with the hope of using another, upon insertion of the sim with the modem into usb port, patiently wait for the modem to discover and register the network reception band before thinking of connecting to the internet using a matching internet setting profile from the drop down menu
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  3. MasterBean510

    MasterBean510 Addict Established

    Thank you po :)
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