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Help Help me please egypt

Discussion in 'Internet Tricks Questions' started by mhmoud66, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. I Mahmoud of Egypt I want to help in the operation of free internet in Egypt there are our three networks offer service internet Vodafone Telecom Mobinil please help
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  2. there are so many tools for penetrating your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

    what are the things you have to connect in the network?

    some tools may help

    • Ultrasurf
    • PD-Proxy
    • Psiphon
    • Hotspot Shield
    • Other VPN
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  3. Salamalaykum my friend! Try here.
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    Check the threads here that may apply to your networks. Experiment!
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  4. Thank you very much for helping Maholt I use network connections Egypt etisalat egypt Office on a computer device usb modem Huawei Modem Slice network mobile calls without balance of money or a monthly subscription

    Use Windows xp My network connectivity program Mobile Partner Program settings

    profile name etisalat egypt

    Apn etisalat

    Access number * 99 #

    user name no more

    password no more

    authention protocol settings CHAP

    connection type RAS modem

    There is only one site works without free credit


    But unfortunately for the service provider encrypts Site

    Where he was earlier we

    Bstglal site to enter the free internet

    Using ip Inverse

    The only gap is still working so far

    Is an open protocol on the network a icmp

    Program pd proxy But unfortunately very slow speed for

    ) 3 k ( In the second

    I want another program other than the program pd proxy Or any way

    To penetrate the service provider so that I can surf the Internet

    Fairly quickly
  5. Try the the Cproxy method. It's one of the best alternative we would recommend.
  6. Question Is Cproxy program capable of penetrating ISP another question Is there a protocol icmp because he is the only one who works with me
  7. ICMP tunneling is beyond what I know right now. Maybe somebody here more knowledgeable can point you in the right direction. I'm merely a novice user at the moment. I only learn thru practice and much reading, with the help of my past experiences as tester for console applications. IT stuffs are not my line of expertise, though I can dig ideas thru the net from deep research.

    Here's a Windows based ICMP tunneler which could help you.
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    Here's a possible GUI for ptunnel to avoid using commandline.
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    Here's a link with tool to verify your ICMP connection.
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    I got the idea here:
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    I haven't used any of these yet, so it's up to you to try them. I hope it helps.

    I may try this later when I have the time. It's something new to my eyes.
  8. Thank you my friend you are a good person you want to help me on a tunnel so that I can access the Internet first I thank you very much and please keep in mind any more long patience with me to the origin

    What I note please forgive me because I am not good at English I translation of allkelmat so I can communicate with you. I hope I experienced a program which works with me any program who gave me and tell me the end result

    Icmp tunnel is not required there are other spending on the network but Internet service provider select 3 k Internet speed slower than alslhavaa

    Too bad the Internet please help in a solution to my problem or recommend a friend to help me

    This picture of the network spending but slow programme of your freedom is bad

    I want another program is free and has many tunnels

    Note it is very, very important little anesthetic as noted when I

    Download Internet Download Manager file initially good speed

    For seconds only and returns the speed 3 KB

    Is it possible to use this to install speed by program
  9. OK, my friend. I'm just new in this forum and more likely new too in this software area. I don't have any close friends here either, but just occasional acquaintances which already readily answered you.
    From my roughly 2 months experience trying to learn these various net tricks, best is try the free available circumvention and free net tricks using your normal dashboard settings when you login. Trial and error, till you hit it right. The tricks here are for Philippine users, but may apply also to you. It's all in the Please or Register to view links section of this forum.
    You mentioned YourFreedom works but slow - and yes it actually is slow and limited too. It means you can penetrate using this tool which is less superiror than what we're using here. We have free unlimited tricks in the forum that works.
    You can try the ones we've used here. I'll mention a few:
    1. Psiphon3 (original release at psiphon3.ca) or the modified ones like ALLNET, DARKLINE, etc.. here in the forum
    2. Ultrasurf (original release at ultrasurf.us) and various turorials too in the forum
    3. Cproxy method
    4. VPN method - FREE OpenVPN, PHCVPN, Softether VPN, etc... (if this works to gain free net in your country, you just need a working config file). Softether VPN Client has VPNGATE option included so it's much easier to use. Just select the fastest server on the list. Low ping with high bandwisth speed is the choice. Google it up, it's free and easy to use.
    5. Lantern (the latest!). Original site is getlantern.org . We also have modified ones like SPT Parol and Blue Lantern. Check them.
    ... and many more tricks provided you study them if they may work for you. Browse the threads my friend and try them one by one.

    Sample trial: Ultrasurf only method
    1. Download Ultrasurf 14.05, then extract on any folder
    2. Connect your dongle to you ISP (whatever it is! Etisalat, Mobinil, etc., without load)
    3. After authentication, start ultrasurf by default. If it connects IExplorer with start with ultrasurf default page. your proxy setting is now
    4. If it doesn't work, try using it with a "little" load, then try again.
    5. If it connects, monitor till you are sure you have bypassed the limit like download a big file in excess of your allowed bandwidth. If it still continuing, then the trick works. If not, try another method using the same steps.
    When you have been accustomed using all the tricks you can find, you can combine them or use a proxifier to have more leeway.

    This is the way I learned to give a try to the tricks here. In your case, we don't have a guarantee for them to work with your ISP. But these are the available tools you can use to possible gain what we achieved.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2014
  10. Well from the period you are I and other young people in Egypt, the network is used for free and there was in the past more than one way, for example, does not

    Ashaddam limited to programs such as ultrasurf and YourFreedom free web sites using reverse ip and other tricks

    But the internet service provider knew it shut everything there became difficult to penetrate the service provider unless the new program appeared

    There is a new Internet protocols included difficult for internet service provider closed

    Some of the network appeared next examination

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  11. It's sad to hear that bro. Just remember, you're not the only one in your country seeking the same cure for your problem.
    Your ISP has been studying and doing their thing, so best is seek firsthand methods used in your area. I'm sure there are similar groups like us trying to circumvent or bypass your ISP in your country. Free net while fooling an ISP is a very complicated issue.

    Our forum can only give you an idea on possibilities. Every area has it's own unique tool. Indonesia, for example uses some injection software for a specific provider combining it with SSH tunneling or just a simple VPN service. Some countries just use some bug scripts during login plus a web proxy and that's it. There's a lot of possibilities brother.

    My norm in life is to try by all means anything until I achieve what i want. I use every resource available at the moment and start testing whether proven or not. In this way, I gain knowledge while continuing my quest. I hope you understand what I meant.
  12. I'm 90% I understand what you're saying, despite language differences between us, of course, there are forums in my tricks online I am now used pd proxy

    Icmp tunnel
    But within the limits of speed Slhfa 4 kbps Terrible ordered
    This my problem I was hoping to find an ambitious solution reconcile in this forum, but it seems difficult, I thank assistance
  13. Please or Register to view links

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    Finally, the discovery of a way to penetrate the Internet service provider in one of my forums Balady by SimpleServer program, but there is a problem of this program works on the Internet Download Manager, but does not work on Internet browser I want to surf the Internet without a problem through vpn I do not know how to modify NMDVPN or through the last settings Help run NMDVPN This is the Settings
  14. Panghuli, ang pagtuklas ng isang paraan upang maarok ang service provider ng Internet sa isa sa aking mga forum Balady sa pamamagitan ng SimpleServer programa, ngunit mayroong problema ng programang ito ay gumagana sa Internet Download Manager, ngunit hindi gumagana sa Internet browser Gusto kong mag-surf sa Internet nang hindi isang problema sa pamamagitan ng VPN Hindi ko alam kung paano baguhin ang NMDVPN o sa pamamagitan ng huling mga setting ng tulong magpatakbo ng NMDVPN Ito ang Setting

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  15. Have you tried the tricks here?
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