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Job Offer Help me for my interview :D

Discussion in 'Jobs & Employment' started by jhudanblood, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. hello mga ka PH. pahelp naman jan inyo sa experto sa english. :D
    kelangan ko kasi tong work na to. hahaha...

    ano kaya pinaka magandang isagot pag tinanon ka ng?..

    1. Describe yourself?
    2. Tell me about yourself?..

    please answer it in english plss... hahaha.. salamat sa papansin.. malaking tulong din sakin feedbacks nyo.
  2. nonvoice po. sa taskus. parang call center narin po sya.
  3. Senpai

    Senpai Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Common na tanong sa interview on job is "What makes you qualify in this company"
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  4. yeha.. isa din yan. xD
  5. Senpai

    Senpai Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    khloe ikaw na bahala dito maam :p
  6. khloe

    khloe Addict Established

    How can we give the specific answer in english if we don't know anything about you? Why not try describing yourself here for starters and we'll see how it goes. (y)
  7. im a hardworking...

    pwede rin po para sa sarili nyo po yung sagot nyo.. example pag kau yung tinanong jan po.. para kuha nalang po ako ng tip.. hehe
  8. khloe

    khloe Addict Established

    Nope. That would be giving specific information about myself, sorry.

    Yang sinasabi mong i'm a hardworking... tapos pag sinundan ko yan magiging masyadong general. Papangit ang sagot. Kasi nakadepende nga yan sa info about you. For instance you'll say: I am a hardworking individual who tries to finish the tasks given to me ahead of time. (Tapos magsisingit ka ng instances na ginawa mo in the past na magpapatunay na hardworking ka nga) and from there, dyan na magbabase ng susunod na tanong ang interviewer.
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  9. ohh i see... copy that. im just reviewing :D to make sure to pass this. hehe. thanks for the help nadin po. :D
  10. Tama po ito si Master khloe.
    at baka makatulong po din ito.
    At the same time you will usually give some example on your Strength and weakness when it come to your work ethics,performance. You will need to site some example as well(things that happen and what action you took to address the issue/concern/challenges.)
  11. You're the one who can make the best answer about the question because you know who you are.
    Just input everything that makes you a positive employee
    What are the skills that you have that can impress your employer
    And of course you should show confidence while answering. Smile ka konte para dika kabbahan.

    Good Luck
  12. kram26

    kram26 Addict Established

    Simple lang yan, non voice pa, prove to them na kailangan na kailangan mo ng trabaho na yan, kasi sila kailangan na kailangan din ng tao, makitaan ka lang nila ng willingness pasok ka na, tapos pag tinanong ka na, when are you going to start? sagutin mo ng *now*
  13. TAMA!!!
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