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Trivia He Is A Keeper

Discussion in 'Love' started by Yours, Jan 11, 2016.

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    Few habits are to die for, just like that there a few things in guys that are worth marrying for. No one is perfect and everyone is facing a challenge to be a better person in life. We are either struggling to get there or waiting to start this struggle, there are barely any people who are at the verge of becoming this perfect person.

    If your partner has the following habits, know that his struggles have been real and that he is one heck of a guy, someone who should be kept, someone who’s a definitive keeper.

    1. If he respect women
    Women are generally moody. Especially with all the hormones going up and down every month. There will be times when they will be the sweetest to you and there will be times when they want to rip your heads off. If a man understands this and is sensitive towards you, marry him.

    2. Helps you out in household works
    Men are clueless or if not clueless, lazy to do all of that household work. Every man runs from it and if your man is being nice and helping you out around the house, know that it is rare and you will not find many people who do that.

    3. When he thinks of you first
    Man or woman, if they think of you first, consider yourself lucky. Involuntarily, humans are bound to care for themselves but if you see your partner going out of their way to put you first in everything they do, they definitely love you and you will certainly not regret spending the rest of your life with them.
    4. He is honest
    Sometimes your partner’s honesty might seem unnecessary or inappropriate. It could also hurt you at times but believe me, you would rather have someone who is a hundred percent honest than someone who lies to you on your face.

    Who wants to deal with a guy who constantly lies about his feelings, whereabouts, friends or anything else?
    Soon, these little white lies become huge and before you know it, they are cheating on you. SO if your partner is honest, value him!
    5. He is generous
    By generosity, I don’t mean only material things (even though some flowers or a little gift every now and again never hurt). A genuinely generous guy will be generous in all domains of life: he will generously give you his time, his love, compliments, kindness and tenderness. He will not hesitate when it comes to giving a bit extra to this relationship, to you. He will be generous in expressing his love to you as well.

    6. He makes you laugh
    If a guy makes you laugh, smile, your life with him will be easy, happy and never boring. Life’s hardships can become less of a burden when you take them lightly and especially when you have someone who can put humour into the worst of situations.I think that a man with a great sense of humour, who is able to make you giggle, is a true gift of life. What’s better than the tears joy and laughter?

    7. He is strong on communication
    A guy who is interested in your opinion, who listens to what you have to say and who understands, will definitely be a lot better boyfriend than a guy who is only interested in his own point of view and ignoring any sane communication. Remember, communication is two ways and many times one or the other partner lags behind in it causing arguments and dissatisfaction in the relationship. So, it is always good to be with someone who wants to listen and be heard.

    These are just a few attributes of a man that you should look for. At times a few people might need time to work on a few areas, help them become the best version of themselves and develop all these qualities. Remember, your encouragement will be the push factor for them to become better.

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  2. EARZE

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    thanks for sharing boss.. (y)
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  3. youre welcome sir :)
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    Thanks for sharing ts (y)
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