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Tutorial hâckïng wps pin

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by Fuxionz, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. WIFI HACK with Dumpper & Jumpstart, download link is provided, all you need to do is to have a laptop with wifi adapter cards, so kung nasa pilipinas tayo, bili kayo sa mga tech store ng wifi adapter, para sakin mas recommended ko yung tp link and tenda na wifi adapter, yung antenna instead na yung transceiver lang na maliit.

    HOW IT WORKS: (Step by Step)

    1. Download Dumpper and Jumpstart from the given link
    2. Extract Dumpper and Jumpstart
    3. Insert your Wifi Cards (some laptops have a built in wifi cards for pentesting)
    4. Click Network > Select
    5. Click Scan
    6. After Scan, it will give you the WPS Pin
    7. and when you have the WPS Pin, run jumpstart by opening it on Dumpper (or watch the video)
    8. for some reason, you can actually get password key by clicking "Profiles" (all the previous stored wifi connections, that you have been connected before)


    Download Link for Dumpper: Please or Register to view links

    Download Link for netcut: Please or Register to view links


    so ano ang nagagawa ng app na to, by getting the WPS PIN you can easily locate the encrypted password means this is real, kht ilang beses nila imodify ang password, you can still access their router or connect through their wifi, home base / pocket wifi etc.

    and by the way, this app won't work kung walang antenna yung router nyo, so kung gumagamit kayo ng pocket wifi this app wont work, you need to purchased wifi adapters.. it cost around 800 php and below

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The use of netcut.apk for android is to simply disconnect others from connecting to the inter on the single router connections (example: default gateway:

    may pang windows din na netcut. refer link: arcai.com (nasa sainyo na yan kung mangti trip kayo para sakin, offensive and defensive lng kc strategy ko sa hâckïng)

    "Para san kung magagalos mo kung titiklop ka lang"

    kahit anong gawin ng iba kht makuha nila yung password ng wifi nyo kung may mga WHACKER (Wifi Hacker) din jan, kaya nyo protektahan yung router nyo or pocket wifi, kunwari nakaconnect cla, but they are not be able to access the router gui (dashboards) or browse, download anything. yung reason kasi nyan is yung AP ng phone nla is napopoison gamit ang ARP Poisoning (just search google what is ARP Poisoning on the network)

    yung idea d2 sa dumpper and netcut is mixture element ng CAIN AND ABEL, kung pamilyar kayo sa app na po yan mga sir / mam.



    Credits for eproxy: Destervious

    finally napagana ko na din as i promise , download link available.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2016
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  2. Can i download that app ?
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  3. name of the app?
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  4. fanget

    fanget Honorary Poster Established

    boss download link
    salamat ts
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  5. chojie

    chojie Enthusiast Established

    ano po yung app?
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  6. Paturo naman po boss :) Pati apps.
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  7. jerhu2005

    jerhu2005 Addict Established

    asan yung apps? pati yung tutorial ts?:pompous:
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  8. pa link ng app na yan
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  9. jhulz6

    jhulz6 Addict Established

    Ayon oh..paturo bossing..:shifty::shifty:
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  10. beeeyesee

    beeeyesee Addict Established

    Paturo naman po sir.. tia
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  11. Paturo naman oh..
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  12. Pa turo naman master
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  13. Paturo naman po :v
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  14. ooppss nasan ang link ts!!!!
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  15. Boss pah link nman ng apps nyan...salamat..
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  16. boss pwede po paturo niyang apps nayan
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  17. Boss penge po link
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  18. Hamz13

    Hamz13 Addict Established

  19. Hmmp kailangan naka root! :(sayang pero salamat pa rin po sa share.(y)
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