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Globe hâckïng incident truth

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by Cassiespears, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. In the midst of different unreliable sources, what's really the real deal of the hâckïng incident of Globe's website? It is kinda pretty obvious that it is all about competition.

    Just recently Globe Telecoms was a victim to yet another cyber terrorism just days after they manage to score a deal with a sweet contract that will bring millions of Filipinos updated with the latest happenings of the NBA.

    Globe seems to be just one of the many victims of these so called “hacks” and black propaganda made by other competitors to make them look bad. Looking it from a different perspective, the alleged mastermind of the so called hack was done by “Blood Sec International” a hâckïng group that defaces websites and steals personal information.

    What makes this hack interesting is the fact that there are certain points that any person can examine.

    First of all, the hack was reported by a known newspaper or media outlet which is Please or Register to view links. Upon further inspection, the Inquirer actually referred their sources to a certain Please or Register to view links. Which is highly suspicious based on its domain name. Since, anyone in the country can easily register a domain name and create a falsified half-baked article.

    A little digging on the website, we can find out that Crooms.com was recently registered on 27-Nov-2014 by a certain Michael Angelo Santos. The registration happen a day before Globe became a victim of the hack. Sounds very fishy if you ask me.

    Please or Register to view links

    Other details include registration details that the registrant lived Legaspi, Roxas City and was registered with the help of Please or Register to view links. For those of you who haven’t known it yet, “pangalan.com” is a website that you can buy domain names without the use of a credit card and can do so by paying cash over the counter through the help of LBC Express or Dragon Pay. For all we know, creating fake websites can be as easy with just a few simple clicks of a button.

    The real issues lies on where did Coorms got their information, and why did the Inquirer referenced their article on a one day website? Talk about irresponsible journalism, but Inquirer failed to identify fact from fiction.

    It is not about the hâckïng that really got the topic out, but the bad media publicity that has been hammered to the victim which is Globe Telecom.

    This issue does not only give Globe a bad impression but rather, it gives them a foul blow on their reputation. Poorly created sites like Coorms.com has defaced a huge company like Globe and glorified “Blood Sec International” or hâckïng as a symbol of protest.

    The site Coorms.com was created not just as a personal informative website, but rather with a single purpose and that is to mislead the public of information. Their article with the title “Globe website hâckêd due to ‘poor internet connections’ “is absolutely absurd. First of all, poor internet connection doesn’t get you “hâckêd”.

    Readers who are not that technically inclined in the field of information technology can easily be fooled or bamboozled with this type of articles spreading lies.

    Another thing we have to ask, who is really benefited from the Globe hâckïng situation? Is it the “competition” being threatened? Or the monopoly afraid of Globe’s improvement on their service. The answer is simple, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out who is responsible behind all of these things.

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  2. galing!! (y) thanks sa opinion!
  3. If this so then Globe can also hire for revenge with the suspicious competitor! ;)
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