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hack wifi Password

Discussion in 'Internet Tricks Questions' started by fireZero, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. fireZero

    fireZero Enthusiast Established

    for many things, but it probably is best known for its ability to penetration test, or “hack,” WPA and WPA2 networks. There are hundreds of Windows applications that claim they can hack WPA; don’t get them! They’re just scams, used by professional hackers, to lure newbie or wannabe hackers into getting hâckêd themselves. There is only one way that hackers get into your network, and that is with a Linux-based OS, a wireless card capable of monitor mode, and air©râck-ng or similar. Also note that, even with these tools, Wi-Fi ©râcking is not for beginners. Playing with it requires basic knowledge of how WPA authentication works, and moderate familiarity with Kali Linux and its tools, so any hacker who gains access to your network probably is no beginner.



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    First we need to download Kali from Please or Register to view links.
    If you have a 64-bit capable computer (like me), then you probably will want the 64-bit version of Kali for performance reasons. Expand the drop down menu’s to find the version you need. Select the 64-bit version ONLY if you have a 64-bit computer.

    Step 2:
    If you don’t have a torrent program, then click on “ISO” next to the appropriate version of Kali and select “Save” when the download notification appears in your browser and save it to a easy to remember location.

    If you do have a torrent program, then I highly recommend using the torrent option, as it is much faster. Click on “Torrent” next to the appropriate version of Kali and Save the “.torrent” file to an easy to remember/access location.

    Now open your Torrent program (I use uTorrent), click
    “Add new torrent,” select the “.torrent” file, and select the appropriate options to download it.

    Now wait for Kali to download, this might take several hours, depending on your internet speed.

    Step 3:
    When Kali has finished downloading, open VMware Player and click Create a new virtual MACHINE.
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  2. fireZero

    fireZero Enthusiast Established

    nahagilap ko lang po yan :D try na din kung gusto nyu po :D
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  3. pwde air ©râck sa windows.
  4. fireZero

    fireZero Enthusiast Established

    di ko aLam ey :D
  5. derx

    derx El Vampiro Staff Member Moderator

    Wrong section. Thread moved!
  6. fireZero

    fireZero Enthusiast Established

    pa moved nalang po thankyou :D
  7. ano po command ng Air ©râck??? ni hindi nyo nga po pinaliwanag kung paano i ©râck ang password ng wifi using air ©râck.. di mo rin sinabi if python base or perl bas.. napaka wannabe mo po.. di ka naman ata hacker eh.

    basta mo nalang pinadownload yung Kali Linux. wew :3
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  8. Air©râck po it what use to ©râck password for wifi. in a process po na binubruteforce nya ang possible passwords. python was use for web accounts like facebook. pwde po natin magamit ang air©râck pagkatapus natin kunin ang handshake ng isang target. e load lang po ang handshake ng target na network at pwde natin gamitin ang "crunch" instead of wordlist na mag dadaownload mo pa. crunch po is use to auto generate password that air©râck will use to.
  9. ma try nga eto if working bah..thanks...
  10. Thanks dito .. try ko sana kaya lang nak Windows 7 ako
  11. hindi lahat ng nasa linux ay sa linux lang, pwde mo ma gamit aircack para sa windows, pwde mo gamitin commview para kunin ang handshake meaning Air©râck+commview=Hack
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  12. sino na po nakatry neto? pa post po ng more detailed procedures. thanks.
    wannabe hacker here. <-
  13. MasterBean510

    MasterBean510 Addict Established

    Tutorial please :D
  14. medyo magulo po, pakilinaw naman po ng tutorial na to,
    pwede naman po pa step by step nalang po, salamat po.

    sorry po, newbie for this subject.(n);)
  15. onilanay

    onilanay Enthusiast Established

    pwede po ba Ito sa android na cp..??
  16. Zafranin1208

    Zafranin1208 Addict Established

    Po gud evs paano mag hack ng WiFi lalo n page NASA bus ako salamat po
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