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[hack] small city v1.0.1

Discussion in 'iPhone Games' started by Lupin_5th, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Hack for Non-Jailbroken.

    Unlimited Cash.
    uNlimited coins.
    2Nd Hack File Give You.

    90000 Cash.
    1000000 Coins
    400000 Box

    1 - Download the hâckêd files at Download files and extract it.
    2 -Download file
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    UPDATE (again)if 1st hack file does not work try 2nd hack file

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    3 - Close the game, even from multitask.
    4 - Put the documents folder Download file using (iFile, DiskAid, iFunBox...) or other apps.
    5 - It will ask you to replace the file, do so.
    5 - Launch the game and enjoy.

    *NOTES*For Those The Hack Didn't Work Try This
    1.Delete SmallCity 2.Makesure Respring your devise to fully deleted the Smallcity file at Ifile 3.Reinstall SmallCity 4.If Smallcity done installing (Do not Open the game first) Download the hack came from 5.Go to var\mobile\Application\smallcity\Documents (unarchiver first the Gameinfo.7z to Gameinfo.sav) then paste the Gameinfo.sav to Documents 6.Make the ifile 777 permission 7.Respring or reboot ( better choise isrebooting to restart all application) 8.Play Your Game and enjoy your hack

    NoTES;If your supplies are -10000+ just nevermind that click the "+"button to back into 1000 or something high .if your gamecrashes when building Townhomes just remove the game from multitask and go to ifile and make Ownership as owner;root group;mobile respring your idevice and getback again to game and the game will never crash again if you build or something to do.. .If this Help not worked to you il find the solutions for you guys [​IMG] ..*****
    Or This
    For those People that hack didnt work just do the ifile 777 permission make all access permission to Read,Write,Excecute and respring your device and The game should be working and you will see your box or supplies is -1000+ Nevermind that ...If the game not works to you try reinstall SmallCity and download the Hack and replace the hack using ifile or Ifunbox (Irecommend to use ifile it is so easy) after that make what i said just do ifile 777 Permission .. And thats it more Help to be [​IMG]****
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    SEE 2ND HACK FILE PROOF.........
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  2. salamat po dito ang ganda po
  3. No Problem Pre :).. Bsta ddgdag lng ako ng mga hacks :)
  4. How can I make 777 permission? Can't find it. Please help. :(
  5. Tomchange the Permission on ifile go to ifile and go paste the file and click the Blue ">" you will se file attributes the name and If you see Access permission change that into

    User: Read, Write, Execute
    Group: Read, Write, Execute
    World: Read, Write, Execute

    And now respring and play :D
  6. Pls do it a video tutorial. :). The sad thing is I lost the game. I'm gonna start all over again. And the cheat/trick didn't work. :(
  7. oo ok video .. Reinstall the game .. and search on ÿôutubê .. ifile change permission 777 :D
  8. Hndi gumagana ung link
  9. salamat sa share TS.. hindi po ako naka jailbrake try ko po ito salamat.. (y)
  10. The link is broken, can you update it =) thanks
  11. Thanks for sharing :)
  12. Thanks for the info and keep posting :)
  13. The link is not working :/
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