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PHP guyz help me pls for my project.. i want to graduate huhuh :(

Discussion in 'Coding, Programming' started by izone21, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. my instructor told us to do a simple website im not familliar in codes pls help me... this are the description below
    Description of Operations:
    * Guest Part:
    The end user can browse different kinds of latest smart phones per brand and types with pictures.

    * Admin Part:
    Admin can:
    - create, modify and deletes latest smart phones with details per brand and types enable to upload pictures.

    - gallery_gd
    - use PHP5 and mysqli with OOP Syntax and prepared statements ONLY for the sql queries.
  2. try mo irun tapos edit mo na lang...

    I want to make a single login for just 1 user without storing in a database but i cant seem to get this to work. My code: login.php

    <html><head><title>Login</title></head><h3>Add entry</h3><p> Add another Article</p><formaction="trylog.php"method="post"><labelfor="username">Username</label><inputtype="username"id="usename"name="username"><br/><br/><labelfor="password">Password:</label><inputtype="text"id="password"name="password"><br/><br/><buttontype="submit">Login</button></form></html>

    $usr ="admin";
    $psw ="password";
    $username ='$_POST[username]';
    $password ='$_POST[password]';//$usr == $username && $psw == $password
    session_start();if($_SESSION['login']==true||($_POST['username']=="admin"&& $_POST['password']=="password")){
    echo "password accepted";
    echo "incorrect login";}?>

  3. maraming salamat po d2.. subukan ko po ito boss.. :D
  4. welcome po..sana makatulong sayo
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