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Discussion in 'iPhone Games' started by Yours, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Graywalkers bringing more bleak, post-apocalyptic RPGness to mobile


    Please or Register to view links is an upcoming role-playing game set in–SURPRISE!–a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Yawn. Whatever happened to RPGs that didn’t make you want to hang yourself about 10 hours into the main storyline? Sure, Please or Register to view links featured a god of murder, but it also had space hamsters and golden pantaloons. Lighten up, people.

    At least Graywalkers isn’t a nuclear holocaust or, god forbid, another zombie outbreak. No, Graywalkers involves a tale where the fabric of the universe is torn and Heaven and Hell merge with the physical world. It also involves Purgatory, which is apparently a land mass that exists within the Bermuda Triangle. I’m waiting to see how Bigfoot, Nessie, and the cïgârêttê Smoking Man figure into this. Purgatory holds the last remnants of humanity, protected from the zombie, vampire, demon, etc. hordes that rule the earth. Unfortunately, the denizens of Hell have just discovered Purgatory and are moving in. Lucky for you, the world is now full of magic and loot making your life a little easier than if you had to face the denizens of Hell with only what you could find in your kitchen.

    Okay, I’ll admit, it all sounds a bit wonky, but I don’t care because Graywalkers also features something that I adore: turn-based tactical combat. You can control groups of up to six characters and fight baddies Please or Register to view links-style. There is also a ton of different magic types, characters, races, and more. It looks and sounds pretty great.

    Graywalkers is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign from late 2014. It’s targeting PC/Mac/Linux first, but mobile versions are coming after that. Unfortunately, we don’t have an expected date. The original date was January 2016, but Please or Register to view links indicate that they’re still in alpha.

    After the break check out some early pre-alpha combat footage from last October.

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