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Tutorial Grammar Rules Made Easier To Remember

Discussion in 'Academic & Campus Talk' started by queencee, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established


    Grammar Rules Made Easier To Remember

    The great logical, or grammatical, framework of language, (for grammar is the logic of speech, even as logic is the grammar of reason,) he would possess, he knew not how. So here is my collection on how to remember "Grammar Rules" in speaking and writing with style and ease.

    A period's the longest stop,
    Altho' it is a little dot...

    The comma is the shortest stop,
    Look at this little curly dot,
    'Tis used most frequently...

    I like commas. I detest semi-colons — I don't think they belong in a story. And I gave up quotation marks long ago. I found I didn't need them, they were fly-specks on the page. If you're doing it right, the reader will know who's talking.

    An exclamation point looks like an index finger raised in warning....
    We make this mark of admiration
    To show we've used some exclamation
    To indicate surprise...

    A colon, opens its mouth wide: woe to the writer who does not fill it with something nourishing. Visually, the semicolon looks like a drooping moustache...

    A dash indeed is quite abrupt,
    'Tis put almost to interrupt...

    I always put the apostrophe in "ain’t" to make certain I’m using proper improper English.

    The serial comma is sê×ÿ, smart and useful.
    You know you’re a language nerd when you have a strong opinion about serial commas.
    Use of the serial comma (the final comma in the series and the one before the conjunction) is a matter of the writer’s personal taste or may be a requirement of the style guide a publisher uses. Not all writers use the final comma before the conjunction.

    Your participle’s danglin’
    But I don’t want your drama
    If you really wanna
    Leave out that Oxford comma
    Just keep in mind
    That be, see, are, you
    Are words, not letters...
    And listen up when I tell you this
    I hope you never use quotation marks for emphasis...

    Use the semicolon properly, always use it where it is appropriate; and never where it isn’t.

    Reserve the apostrophe for it’s proper use and omit it when its not needed.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

    Avoid commas, that are not necessary.

    And don’t start a sentence with a conjunction.
    If any word is improper at the end of a sentence, a linking verb is.

    A pronoun... will aptly reflect the number of its antecedent: "they" does not refer to one person, no matter how many personalities she or he has, or how eager you are to skirt the gender frays.

    Years ago, students were warned not to end a sentence with a preposition; time, of course, has softened that rigid decree. Not only is the preposition acceptable at the end, sometimes it is more effective in that spot than anywhere else. "A claw hammer, not an ax, was the tool he murdered her with." This is preferable to "A claw hammer, not an ax, was the tool with which he murdered her." Why? Because it sounds more violent, more like murder. A matter of ear.
    And would you write "The worst tennis player around here is I" or "The worst tennis player around here is me"? The first is good grammar, the second is good judgment...

    The writer is in a permanent predicament when it comes to punctuation marks; if one were fully aware while writing, one would sense the impossibility of ever using a mark of punctuation correctly and would give up writing altogether. For the requirements of the rules of punctuation and those of the subjective need for logic and expression are not compatible... The conflict must be endured each time, and one needs either a lot of strength or a lot of stupidity not to lose heart.

    Let me just acknowledge that the function of grammar is to make language as efficient and clear and transparent as possible. But if we’re all constantly correcting each other’s grammar and being really snotty about it, then people stop talking because they start to be petrified that they’re going to make some sort of terrible grammatical error and that’s precisely the opposite of what grammar is supposed to do, which is to facilitate clear communication.
    - QueenCee
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2016
  2. viepolar

    viepolar Enthusiast Established

  3. Thanks for sharing ma'am, Guess it's very useful hehe.
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  4. simpson89

    simpson89 Addict Established

    Very informative yet fun basahin. And agree ako sa last paragraph nung post mo. Thanks sa pagshare. (y)
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  5. Thanks po sa pagbahagi (y) ;)
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  6. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established

    viepolar you are welcome.

    IlliaD you are welcome and I'm glad you find it useful.

    simpson89 thank you so much for the good feedback.I'm glad you enjoyed it too.

    DRACHTER you are welcome.
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  7. Tamsy

    Tamsy Forum Veteran Established

    Thanks for sharing boss:angelic:
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  8. aqui09

    aqui09 Eternal Poster Established

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  9. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established

    Tamsy you are welcome.

    aqui you are welcome.
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  10. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established

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  11. queencee na curious ako sayo, programmer ba o teacher?tanong lang..
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  12. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established

    elemiah Ahahaha I just love the English grammar and I'm not a programmer by profession sir.
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  13. hahaha..galing mo kasi maam queencee.. queen ka nga talaga.. :love:
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  14. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established

    elemiah Thank you for the appreciation although I'm just as simple as a flyleaf, you made me appear special.
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  15. Salamat sa pag share(y)
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  16. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established

    Felissa Ybanez You are most welcome.

    GOPERAL Eternal Poster Established

    very useful thread :)
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  18. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established

    GOPERAL thank you sir, I'm glad you find it very useful.
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  19. Thanks po sa pag share :*

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