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Help GPU na pwede ang triple monitors!

Discussion in 'Computer Repair Questions' started by acervergel87, May 6, 2014.

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  1. Mga boss patulong naman ako sa inyo.
    Meyron kasi akong GPU na gt520 kaso di support ang triple monitors -vga,dvi at HDMI :(

    Anong pwede nyong ma ererecomenda na affordable at tested nyo na?.
    Pang view lng ng cctv itong gagamitan ko.

    Maraming salamat. :)
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  2. Master Chief

    Master Chief Enthusiast Established

    According to this Please or Register to view links it does not. As far as I know, you will need a second card to do this, or a high end card.

    Nvidia GeForce cards can support only two monitors at same time , if you want to connect 3 monitors you have to buy 1 more card. Only two outputs may be use at one time, the third is automatically disabled while using the first two connections. And even the card is latest it is too week to support 3 monitors..

    If you want to run three Monitors off of one 500 series GPU you have to use a dvi splitter, but that will only duplicate one display. So if you want to duplicate the output of two displays, then use a dvi splitter, and then use HDMI or a vga output to get the other display.

    To get a true third monitor, you will need another discrete palit geforce 520 graphics card in sli. And I think the 550ti was the lowest they went with sli.
    You may be able to use both the integrated graphics and a discrete card to drive three monitors.
    It may depend on the bios or Please or Register to view links of the motherboard.

    You can use two of the same discrete graphics Please or Register to view links to drive 3 or 4 monitors.
    There are some cards that will drive three monitors with just one card.

    Though using two cards results in more heat and more power used.
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  3. how about having other GPU boss, baka may na test kayo na isa lang tapos supported na ang 3 or 4 monitors. Patulong please , baka kasi magkamali ako ng bili! :(
  4. Master Chief

    Master Chief Enthusiast Established

    Wala pa ako nasubukang isang GPU lang. mostly ay 2 GPUs ang pwedeng 3 upto 4 monitors ang ginagamit.

    You can get 2x GTX 760s in SLI for around $500, and that's the best deal around right now. And it will most likely be enough to power your three monitors, too. [​IMG]

    see these posts..

    If you're looking for the best single card, the 7990 wins on paper. However, multi-GPU systems, even within a single card, are prone to glitches. This is particularly true for AMD cards, and causes most on this forum to recommend against using dual 7970s, which is a what a 7990 functionally is. Some don't have issues, or have issues, or have issues minor enough to not be an inconvenience (myself among them), but they are generally not recommended.

    If you're looking for the best single GPU, the Titan is presently the best you're going to get. It's a damn powerful card, though nowhere near efficient. On paper, it's significantly worse than a 7990, but it doesn't suffer from microstutter, runt frames, or any of the other issues of CrossFire/SLI.
    If you want the single most powerful option, period, it would be dual Titans. More than two cards is usually not a meaningful gain, so that's about where benefit maxes out. With two Titans, you're getting unparalleled graphical power, for unequaled price. A slightly less powerful but more price-efficient option would be dual 780, which would be nearly equal in power for 25% less. These would both suffer from multi-GPU issues, but SLI is less buggy than CrossFire at the moment.

    The GTX 770 4GB or 7970 6GB are good options for around $500. The 7970 does have more VRAM if you plan on playing on 2 or all 3 monitors, EYEFINITY is also very nice and they are monsters when you crossfire them in the future thanks to 13.8 fixing the issues (Make sure to use a 6GB card and not a 3GB card when you pair them up in XFire). GTX 760 SLI is also a nice option, albeit with a bit small VRAM for triple monitor gaming.
    Please or Register to view links
    Please or Register to view links

    7970 6GB gameplay:
    Please or Register to view links

    770 4GB:
    Please or Register to view links
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  5. oks, susubukan ko yan. :)
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