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Globe GoSakto Trick..NOTE:SELECTED SIM ONLY !!!!

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by Jeanh, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. GoSakto Trick for 510 mins of calls for 30 days! Only P94!


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    Okay, so after a few weeks of writing about Globe’s GoSakto tricks, I finally did it! I took a chance and tried one that fits my needs for Globe minutes at a totally sulitprice.

    I was able to get 510 minutes of Globe/TM calls good for 30 days for only P94!
    My prepaid Globe number has been languishing. I haven’t really been keen on using it because of all the hassles of using it — on days that I have to call someone using a Globe number, I have to reload it via my GCash, and register to something – making a simple phone call take longer than 5 minutes to prepare for. Such a waste of time, but I really can’t justify maintaining my prepaid Globe number with sufficient load just to have it “eaten” every month because I rarely use it and I keep forgetting to reload on time, even with Loadwatch.

    But using this “trick”, I just somehow feel freer to use my Globe minutes, if that makes sense…? 510 minutes already feels like unli to me, and for only P94 for the whole month!

    But now I feel so excited to call people on Globe! I feel like asking random acquaintances if they are using Globe – “Hello, are you using Globe? Can I call you?” Hahaha, is that creepy? Globe friends, I will start calling you!!! Whereas the universe of Globe was previously kind of dead to me and vice versa, I’m ready to make a re-debut! I just feel so excited to use those 510 minutes! And the happiest thing of all, is that it only costs P94! Kahit hindi maubos yung 510 minutes, okay lang, masaya na ako, sulit na.

    A while ago, I wrote that I was using Please or Register to view links. That was a bust and I gave up on it since it was like throwing money away every month on something I hardly used.

    This trick is really not a trick at all in an ïllêgâl sense. I didn’t do anything shady, install any apps or do anything weird! You can register to this any time of the day.

    So here’s how I did it (this is working as of April 10, 2015!):
    UPDATE: This is not working anymore. GOCTCOMBOAKF73 has been removed from GoSakto.

    First step: Make sure there’s enough load. (I reloaded P100)

    Step 2: Send GOCTCOMBOGKA21 to 8888. This gives you 500 minutes to Globe/TM, 20 texts to all networks, valid for 1 day.

    I typed the code wrong the first time. To help me avoid mistyping again, I reminded myself that GOCT sounds like geocities [​IMG] Don’t be scared. That code is totally legit. It’s the same code you’ll end up with when you register to GoSakto the long way using *143#.

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    I took around 2 minutes before I received the Congratulations! message from Globe, so that kind of scared me a little. So if you don’t get a message from Globe right away, give it a few minutes before panicking.

    Step 3: Send GOCTCOMBOAKF73 to 8888. That’s AKF, not AFK. This gives 10 mins Globe /TM calls, 20 texts to all networks, valid for 30 days.

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    Next, check your GoSakto status by going to *143#, selecting GoSakto thenManage Registrations, then Check the status/balance of my registration. You’ll receive a text with your status:

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    The validity period of your GOCTCOMBOGKA21 is now extended to 30 days! I don’t think this is really a bug, but a feature, similar to Sun’s Advanced Charging System. Maybe the telcos are legally bound to extend the validity period of your promos to the longest one when you’re subscribed to several similar promos. Or maybe it’s too confusing to keep track of in their system so they just keep track of the most recent validity period, who knows? But I am very happy they have this feature!

    Additional: If you want to add 1,000 texts to all networks, text GT5 to 8888 from 7am – 9am ONLY. I don’t know why this only works from 7am-9am. I haven’t tried this yet. Will report back when I do.

    Pros: Unlike Smart prepaid, there’s no need to use prefixes when calling Globe. And, hello, 510 minutes for P94! That works out to just P0.18/minute! Awesome reason to go Globe!

    Cons: We don’t know if this is a bug and if it will be “fixed”. I’m leaning more towards thinking that it’s just too much trouble to keep track of in Globe’s system so they are only keeping track of the most recent value or something to that effect. Imagine if they had to keep track of all the GoSakto promos of all of their users and the validity periods of all the promos those users subscribed to. And how would they know which texts or minutes you used up first if you are subscribed to several? Too much hassle, IT-wise, methinks, and they would be opening themselves up to further problems and be accused for “eating” texts and minutes.
  2. try ko to ts pag na expired na mga promos na registered sakin patungan mo narin ng GT5 baka working yan
  3. gumana po sa kaibigan ko..pero sa akin hindi :cry:
  4. any po ba bagonh combo promo ng 510mins call salamats
  5. meron 311
    GOCTCOMBODD311...1000 text to globe/tm..500mins call globe tm..for 30 days
  6. Salamat master jean :) idol talaga kita mag inglesh :)
  7. xaero

    xaero Honorary Poster Established

    wow ice na ice ito..:) para sa mga nagtitipid..
  8. hahaha host :banghead::hilarious::hilarious:
  9. globe lang po
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  10. Nice thread maam, ang linis. :)
  11. Hi Ma'am sir bago lang po... Wala na kasi ung kea... yung may 241 wala na rin... gusto ko sana kahit call + surf na promo baka matulungan niyo po ako. maraming salamat

    for a month po sana...
  12. Thanks for sharing idol :blackalien:
  13. Opo. Wala na si 241. Patulong naman oh. Nakaload na ako tapos not working na pala
  14. mags074

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    Thanks for aharing
  15. autopower

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    salamat sa share sir
  16. hindi na working mga boss?
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