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Android App GoogLE Refund Trick ! no load needed pasok!

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by Desktopshark, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. It's a very simple method. But some people just don't know the exact steps to do it. So here i am teaching everybody.
    Firstly, proceed to :

    1) Please or Register to view links

    From there, go to Settings -> My accounts -> Here is all your purchased apps or even in app purchases. And here, your magic start to work.

    Simple click on the three dots, select i don't regonize this charge. And key in what i wrote in the box. By keying that, you will instantly get a 100% refund from them without them asking you why where or when. Or either, you could choose what most people choose, my family purchased it, you did not consent. This works too. But it's up to you which do you prefer.

    2) You will receive an email notifying you of the refund request you submitted, usually it takes less than 24 hours to receive a response. But trust me, you will get back 100% of what you reported. But there's some things you need to take for below.

    Notes :
    1) The google play account must be new ( no refund made in that account before ) - You can remake a new one to repeat the cycle.
    2) After the refund is given back to you, you can remove your card details from the old one and place it on the new one to repeat.
    3) You can re-use your credit card/paypal/carrier billing on the new account you made, just repeat the steps. The best thing about google play, they don't trace your card details. YES !!! https://s.nu11êdcdn.com/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png
    4) Google play only allows up to 1 refund per account, and alot of people don't understand what this means, it basically means 1 refund -> all request made in a day. Do not try refund 20 purchases today and tomorrow 10 purchases using the same excuses. They will basically flag you straight away or even close your account. So make as many purchases as you can, and do it one go.
    5) Enjoy your free purchases on google play
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  2. pwd kaya to sa coc gems ?
  3. kaya nga ni post ko ito para sa coc eh :D
  4. dapat po ba ? High risk na gmail gagamitin ? :)
  5. basahin mo nalang para ma intindihan mo :D may ginagawa kasi ako ..
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  6. Ssuper

    Ssuper Honorary Poster Established

    Fried and Roasted mo na ba to TS ?
  7. oo may ss ako dito hindi ako marunong mag upload </3
  8. hindi po naman pa refund kung hindi mo pa na buy yun diba ?
  9. kaylangan mo lang bagong register na aaccount sa google play
  10. tagal na nakatay nito
  11. katay napala to ? :)
  12. Masubukan nga.. Salamat..
  13. wala naman eh.
  14. wala na po ba to ? kung meron pa neto kaya ba sa gem coc
  15. EARZE

    EARZE PHC Contributor Established

  16. thanks for sharing.
  17. sir working p b trklick n to
  18. working to kaso ang pianak tanong dito papano maiiwasan ung error? error kasi ng error kapag mag pupurchase kana sa game eh. may ginagawa sila para d mag error eh ayun dapat ang malaman
  19. Jaymark123

    Jaymark123 Forum Guru Established

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