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Tutorial Google hack tricks you'v never seen before

Discussion in 'Web & Internet' started by Jeanh, May 19, 2016.

  1. OK first i will show how to find any hacker forums,site it doesn't matter!
    I mean professional hackers!

    Just read it all because if you are not doing you will not understand these
    codes and how do they work!


    inurl:"view.asp?page=" intext:"plymouth"

    Ok what this code does ?
    So this is the university schools you can hack with this dork university schools.


    inurl:"shoutbox.php" intext:"script"

    with this code you can hack shoutbox or to find scripts


    inurl:"index.php?act=" rapidleech

    This code will find rapidleecher sites very quickly.



    This code will find ipb forums quickly to hack


    inurl:"Photoshop.aspx" "tutorials"

    This code will find photoshop tutorials


    inurl: Please or Register to view links site:.com

    This code will find any ftp servers and root any protected sites.



    This code will find any free hosting


    powered by vbulletin games 3.8.4 inurl:member.php?u=1

    This code will find any vbulletin game forums and admin page.


    powered by vbulletin 4.0.3 Debug Information

    This code will show all vbulletin forums php codes and information
    and their bugs you root into it.


    powered by vbulletin "wârêz"

    This code will find any wârêz forum.


    video to mρ3 converter online intext:"mρ3"-intext:"High Quality"

    With this code you can download mρ3 from ÿôutubê very quickly.


    intext:"Warning: mysql_fetch_array()"

    With this code you will find any vulnarable sites and hack them.



    This code will show all torrents hidden radios stations.


    inurl:"posting.php?mode=smilies" "phpbb"

    With this code you will be able to hack phpbb forums and put xss inside forum.



    With this code you can to find sites links very quikcly.


    embed src=".mρ3" type=audio/mpeg

    Html injection code to find secret sites with html mρ3 embed code
    you will see it even on google.


    "powered by vbulletin" + "account dumps"

    With this code you will be able find passwords
    for any sites,forums not for ****.


    inurl:"smileys.php" + "talking"

    Talking smilies.


    "intitle:index of" admin/FCKeditor/_samples/html

    With this code you will be able to find fck server html
    editors and hack them.


    owl city fireflies + "instrumental"

    With this code you will be able any mρ3 instrumental and change this
    owl city fireflies


    HTTP/1.1 :: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:

    with this code you will be able to hack sites access
    logs and see all information.


    "sql google scanner" + "php"

    Google sql injection online hack vulnerable sites,forums
    and find vulnerables sites very easy.


    site:ÿôutubê.com *@gmail.com

    This will find any ÿôutubê or any site emails.



    This will find very quickly html chart codes.


    private torrent + "open sign up"

    This will find any private torrent open to register.


    hotfile + mediafire + "http://" + "rar" horror 2010 dvdrïρ,
    (hotfile|mediafire).rar 2010 horror dvdrïρ

    This will find any secret sites with dvdrïρ môviês just change horror.


    dvdrïρ 400mb "2010"

    This will find ripped dvdrïρ môviês in 400mb and lastest.


    sql injection dork bank

    This will find bank dorks for hâckïng google.


    inurl:archive/index.php "visual basic"

    This will find secret forums directory where you will see all information.


    powered by vbulletin hâckïng zone
    powered by vbulletin hackerz showoff

    This will find hacker zone sites,forums.
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  2. wala akong maintindihan (n)
  3. thanks po sa pagshare
  4. ako din..wag na naten intindihin

    welcome po
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  5. j-guts

    j-guts Grasshopper Established

    ty po sa script
  6. welcome po
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  7. Louiexs

    Louiexs Addict Established

    di ko po na intindihan maam :)
    but thank you po sa pag share (y)
  8. halimbawa ang isang website protected by password phpadmin/ sql/ftp:: >> pano ma bypass ang security>> without logging in>>ftp: iba ang password nyan>> phpadmin>> iba din pass nyan>>>
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  9. di ko na po alam yung bypass
  10. SoftICE

    SoftICE PHC Master Established

    Thanks sa share ng mga script ts!
  11. supergon

    supergon Addict Established

    paano yan gagamitin iinsert ba yan sa url?
  12. opo bossing
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  13. louwinnie

    louwinnie Addict Established

    thanks sa pag share
  14. Similar sya dito: Please or Register to view links
    He he. Kapag baguhan siguro ay di pa makukuha at first glance ang process ng google dorking o google hâckïng. Yung idea nasa 3 links sa baba para medyo makuha yung idea!
    Please or Register to view links
    Please or Register to view links
    Please or Register to view links
    ..pag advanced options ay dito naman:
    Please or Register to view links

    Ang maganda lang gamit sa google scripts sa akin ay sa pag-search ng gusto kong files on some shared/archives sa net. Just use the sample command scripts below and change your search preference marked in red.

    for môviês/tvshows:
    intitle:"index.of" (mp4|avi|mkv) "name of môviê or tvshow" -html -htm -php -asp -jsp

    for compressed files:
    intitle:"index.of" (rar|zip|7z|exe|iso) "name of file" -html -htm -php -asp -jsp

    for music files:
    intitle:"index.of" (mρ3|flac|aac) "name of band or song" -html -htm -php -asp -jsp

    for books:
    intitle:"index.of" (pdf|epub|mobi) "name of book" -html -htm -php -asp -jsp

    for general search sa mga uploading sites like mediafire, datafilehost, etc.:
    name of file
    name of file site:mediafire.com

    Bahala na kayo sa iba pang hâckïng tricks. Medyo mahigpit na rin ang google kaya yung ibang explots ay di na nila pinapayagan. Good luck po.
  15. Emilux3D

    Emilux3D Addict Established

    salamat dito bossing medyo clear na. Try natin to (y)
  16. paano po i iinsert ? sample po . ty :)
  17. rappogi456

    rappogi456 Addict Established

    Wala ako maintindihan ts ahahahahaha sakit sa ulo
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