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Discussion in 'WiMAX, DSL Modems' started by racky, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. oh!oh! wag mag agawan ha magbigayan pasensya kung medyo kunti lng
    Abra 404D8EF2BB4E
    Agusan 346BD38F81B8
    Agusan 346BD38FF734
    Agusan 346BD38FD448
    Agusan 346BD38FF6EC
    Agusan 346BD38FA2C8
    Agusan 346BD38FF758
    Agusan 346BD38FD1A0
    Agusan 346BD38FD6E8
    Agusan 346BD38FD730
    Banilad Cebu 202BC1AAB393
    Bataan 346BD38F8640
    Bataan C8D15E2538F8
    Batangas East 1 346BD38FB618
    Batangas East 1 6416F0B1477C
    Batangas East 1 6416F0B121BC
    Batangas East 1 6416F0C564C6
    Batangas East 1 002568AC51E7
    Batangas East 1 002568AC9A41
    Batangas East 1 346BD38FBB64
    Batangas East 1 6416F000C3E0
    Batangas East 1 6416F0C4C7DC
    Batangas East 1 346BD38FBB40
    Batangas East 1 6416F07F7006
    Batangas East 1 346BD38FB610
    Batangas East 1 6416F0C5C1C0
    Batangas East 1 6416F0C4A494
    Batangas East 1 6416F0C60F78
    Batangas East 2 346BD38F8F94
    Batangas East 2 4C54996DAB43
    Batangas East 2 6416F0C5E358
    Batangas East 2 0025689D6567
    Batangas East 2 346BD38FA1D8
    Batangas West 1 6416F0C599B0
    Batangas West 1 6416F0C4EB98
    Batangas West 1 6416F07BFF7C
    Batangas West 1 346BD38FBFE0
    Batangas West 1 346BD38FC4DC
    Batangas West 1 6416F000683C
    Batangas West 1 346BD38FC5CC
    Batangas West 1 002568ACBED3
    Batangas West 1 C8D15E248674
    Batangas West 1 346BD38FBD6C
    Batangas West 1 346BD38FC5C8
    Batangas West 1 346BD38FBD90
    Batangas West 2 6416F0B1A426
    Batangas West 2 285FDB27FA92
    Batangas West 2 404D8E6C5328
    Batangas West 2 0025689C474E
    Batangas West 2 202BC1E07177
    Batangas West 2 002568ABD579
    Benguet/Baguio/Mt. Province C8D15E249BF0
    Benguet/Baguio/Mt. Province C8D15E24AB6C
    Bogo Cebu C8D15E253504
    Bogo Cebu C8D15E240DE8
    Bogo Cebu C8D15E240D34
    Bukidnon 04C06F5E8990
    Bukidnon 04C06F5E6618
    Bukidnon 04C06F5E754A
    Bukidnon 04C06F5E6B40
    Bukidnon 04C06F60A912
    Bukidnon 04C06F60A8FA
    Bukidnon 04C06F60B6CA
    Bukidnon 04C06F60A95A
    Bukidnon 04C06F60BE64
    Bulacan 1 346BD38FEBFC
    Bulacan 1 404D8EF27B0C
    Bulacan 1 346BD38F8CB8
    Bulacan 1 346BD38F7860
    Bulacan 1 346BD38FC238
    Bulacan 1 346BD38FF0D4
    Bulacan 1 346BD38FFD3C
    Bulacan 1 346BD38FEC90
    Bulacan 1 346BD38FDBE8
    Bulacan 1 346BD38F7808
    Bulacan 1 346BD38F78E8
    Bulacan 1 346BD38F8C24
    Bulacan 1 346BD38FD880
    Bulacan 1 346BD38F7B20
    Bulacan 1 346BD38FFC68
    Bulacan 2 C8D15E2553C8
    Bulacan 2 346BD38FAB6C
    Bulacan 2 346BD38FBDB4
    Bulacan 2 346BD38FBE48
    Bulacan 2 346BD38FB8D8
    Bulacan 2 346BD348C08C
    Bulacan 2 346BD348A79C
    Bulacan 2 346BD38FAB1C
    Bulacan 2 346BD348A0E0
    Bulacan 2 346BD38FA088
    Bulacan 3 6416F0B1381E
    Bulacan 3 6416F07C5A5E
    Bulacan 3 202BC1697CF0
    Bulacan 3 285FDB2820AC
    Bulacan 3 6416F0C60234
    Bulacan 3 04C06F60CDDA
    Bulacan 3 202BC1E0C9F1
    Bulacan 3 04C06F610E70
    Bulacan 3 04C06F029B40
    Bulacan 3 346BD38FBDDC
    Bulacan 3 346BD348A6E8
    Bulacan 3 346BD348D55C
    Bulacan 3 4C54996D983B
    Bulacan 3 346BD38FBEE4
    Bulacan 3 346BD38FC3BC
    Bulacan 3 346BD348C158
    Bulacan 3 346BD348D67C
    Bulacan 3 346BD348A100
    Bulacan 3 6416F0B16EFE
    Bulacan 3 346BD38FBF18
    Bulacan 3 346BD38FBEF8
    Bulacan 3 346BD38FBEE8
    Bulacan 3 346BD348D0DC
    Bulacan 3 346BD38FBF1C
    Bulacan 3 346BD38FAB18
    Bulacan 3 346BD38FACA8
    Bulacan 3 346BD34920E0
    Bulacan 3 404D8EAA4ADD
    Bulacan 4 346BD38F89B4
    Bulacan 4 346BD38F8998
    Bulacan 4 346BD38FA0D8
    Bulacan 4 346BD38F8848
    Bulacan 4 346BD38F89AC
    Bulacan 4 346BD38F88A8
    Bulacan 4 346BD38F8A38
    Bulacan 4 346BD38F898C
    Bulacan 4 346BD38F854C
    Bulacan 4 346BD38FDFD8
    Bulacan 4 346BD38FE030
    Bulacan 4 346BD38F8A24
    Bulacan 4 202BC1AACF17
    Cagayan C8D15E24A6E8
    Cagayan East 04C06F60B85C
    Cagayan East 346BD38FD348
    Cagayan East 04C06F60F3A0
    Cagayan East 04C06F5E8090
    Cagayan East 346BD38FD154
    Cagayan East 04C06F5E883E
    Cagayan East 04C06F5E7484
    Cagayan East 04C06F5E80E2
    Cagayan East 04C06F5E8770
    Cagayan East 346BD38FD428
    Cagayan East 04C06F60B95E
    Cagayan East 04C06F60B84E
    Cagayan East 04C06F60BAD8
    Cagayan East 04C06F5E7626
    Cagayan East 346BD38FD180
    Cagayan East 04C06F5E654C
    Cagayan East 04C06F5E9380
    Cagayan East 04C06F5E8718
    Cagayan East 04C06F60A75E
    Cagayan East 04C06F02BC68
    Cagayan East 04C06F033360
    Cagayan East 04C06F60BD18
    Cagayan East 04C06F02BA8C
    Cagayan East 04C06F029A8A
    Cagayan East 04C06F60F3E6
    Cagayan East 04C06F60B7C2
    Cagayan East 04C06F5E64DE
    Cagayan West 346BD38F8DC4
    Cagayan West 346BD38F97A0
    Cagayan West 346BD38F9018
    Cagayan West 346BD38F8D40
    Cainta 04C06F02C8D8
    Cainta 4C54996DFF43
    Camarines Sur 346BD348A54C
    Camarines Sur 6416F07C6506
    Carcar Cebu 346BD38F9460
    Carcar Cebu 346BD38F93FC
    Carcar Cebu 346BD38F9424
    Cavite Lower 1 346BD38FFEFC
    Cavite Lower 1 6416F0B13A4C
    Cavite Lower 1 6416F0C607A2
    Cavite Lower 1 346BD38FFD7C
    Cavite Lower 1 346BD38FFD9C
    Cavite Lower 1 C8D15E24C3C8
    Cavite Lower 1 346BD38FA968
    Cavite Lower 2 6416F0C49E9C
    Cavite Lower 2
    Cavite Lower 2 346BD34927D4
    Cavite Lower 2 0025683319AB
    Cavite Lower 2 346BD38FB4EC
    Cavite Lower 2 6416F07F8DE8
    Cavite Lower 2 346BD38FB65C
    Cavite Lower 2 6416F0C4B148
    Cavite Lower 2 346BD38FAF40
    Cavite Lower 2 6416F0C5CEAE
    Cavite Lower 3 346BD38F8028
    Cavite Lower 3 6416F07F8DDC
    Cavite Lower 3 002568ABF53D
    Cavite Lower 3 346BD38FFCE4
    Cavite Lower 3 6416F0C5CB2A
    Cavite Lower 3 4C54996DE98F
    Cavite Lower 3 202BC1698A32
    Cavite Lower 3 346BD38F8248
    Cavite Lower 3 346BD348B8DC
    Cavite Lower 3 346BD38FA908
    Cavite Lower 3 346BD348ECCC
    Cavite Lower 3 6416F07C38BC
    Cavite Lower 3 04C06F610EBA
    Cavite Lower 4 6416F0B146F6
    Cavite Lower 4 346BD38F826C
    Cavite Lower 4 346BD38F89B0
    Cavite Lower 4 346BD3900060
    Cavite Lower 4 346BD38F98C4
    Cavite Lower 4 346BD38FA8F8
    Cavite Lower 4 346BD38FAA68
    Cavite Lower 4 346BD38FB6BC
    Cavite Lower 4 346BD348ABB0
    Cavite Lower 4 6416F0C521C2
    Cavite Lower 4 346BD38FA9C0
    Cavite Lower 4 6416F0B14B2A
    Cavite Lower 4 346BD38FA3A4
    Cavite Lower 4 001FFB130568
    Cavite Lower 4 001FFB1304FE
    Cavite Upper 1 346BD348B07C
    Cavite Upper 1 346BD348C244
    Cavite Upper 1 346BD38FA124
    Cavite Upper 1 346BD3491400
    Cavite Upper 1 346BD38FB53C
    Cavite Upper 1 6416F0B12F84
    Cavite Upper 1 346BD38FA858
    Cavite Upper 1 346BD3490CD8
    Cavite Upper 1 346BD38F9C68
    Cavite Upper 1 346BD38F825C
    Cavite Upper 1 6416F0B119B6
    Cavite Upper 1 6416F0C5091A
    Cavite Upper 1 002568AC9635
    Cavite Upper 1 6416F0B1A266
    Cavite Upper 1 346BD38F85E8
    Cavite Upper 1 346BD348EB54
    Cavite Upper 2 346BD38FAF4C
    Cavite Upper 2 346BD38FAD30
    Cavite Upper 2 346BD38FD1C4
    Cavite Upper 2 346BD348BF0C
    Cavite Upper 2 346BD348E710
    Cavite Upper 2 202BC1E0ED6D
    Cavite Upper 2 346BD38FB174
    Cavite Upper 2 346BD348C400
    Cavite Upper 2 346BD3491968
    Cavite Upper 2 346BD34916AC
    Cavite Upper 2 346BD348C280
    Cavite Upper 2 346BD349152C
    Cluster MacAddress
    Cotabato 346BD38FFAB0
    Cotabato 346BD38FDE4C
    Cotabato 346BD38FFA34
    Cotabato 346BD38FF9A8
    Digos 346BD38F911C
    Digos 346BD38F92D0
    Digos 346BD38F91B0
    Digos 346BD38F91D4

    Iligan 346BD38F7B78
    Ilocos Norte 6416F0C56DE2
    Ilocos Sur 202BC1E0ECD9
    Ilocos Sur 6416F000F642
    Ilocos Sur 404D8E26A796
    Ilocos Sur 404D8EF276C4
    Ilocos Sur 4C54996E1D43
    Ilocos Sur 6416F0B1A63A
    Iloilo North 04C06F5E91F6
    Iloilo South 346BD38F9E00
    Iloilo South 346BD38FCE14
    Isabela F4C714BD5624
    Jones Cebu 346BD38F964C
    Jones Cebu 04C06F0317A0
    Jones Cebu 346BD38F951C
    Jones Cebu 346BD38F94F8
    Jones Cebu 001FFB130931
    Koronadal 04C06FFB759A
    Koronadal 346BD38F99B8
    Koronadal 346BD38F9E44
    Koronadal 346BD38FA618
    Koronadal 346BD38F9EA8
    Koronadal C8D15E251C50
    Koronadal C8D15E252198
    Koronadal 04C06FFB74C6
    Koronadal 346BD38FA7D8
    Koronadal 346BD38FAFF8
    Koronadal 346BD38FB034
    La Union 6416F0C57434
    La Union 346BD38F9A88
    La Union 346BD38F9768
    La Union 6416F0B15722
    La Union 6416F0B13128
    La Union 6416F0C5D4F8
    La Union 6416F07F8EE0
    La Union 6416F0B0F46C
    Laguna North 346BD38F9AA4
    Laguna North F4C714BD31B6
    Laguna North 6416F0C4C882
    Laguna North 002568ABDCAB
    Laguna North 346BD38FCF98
    Laguna North 6416F0B144A8
    Laguna North 04C06F5EA740
    Laguna North 346BD38FBCEC
    Laguna North 346BD38FCF48
    Laguna North 346BD38FCFF4
    Laguna North 346BD38FD124
    Laguna North 346BD38FBD24
    Laguna North 346BD38FD1EC
    Laguna North 346BD38FCDA0
    Laguna North 346BD38FBD38
    Laguna North 404D8E8B2510
    Laguna North 202BC1694D6C
    Laguna South 346BD38FBB38
    Laguna South 002568AC15A7
    Laguna South 202BC1694316
    Laguna South 346BD38FA8FC
    Laguna South 346BD348EA78
    Laguna South 346BD38FADF8
    Laguna South 781DBA1C70FA
    Laguna South 346BD348D7EC
    Laguna South 002568AC1927
    Laguna South 6416F0C4855E
    Laguna South 346BD38FBC54
    Laguna South 346BD38F7754
    Laguna South 6416F0C5CF74
    Laguna South 6416F0C54C5C
    Laguna South 346BD38FAF24
    Laguna South 6416F0B13F4E
    Laguna South 6416F0B1B072
    Laguna South 6416F0C5923C
    Laguna South 4C54996DF09F
    Laguna South 6416F0C5E148
    Laguna South 346BD38F8878
    Laguna South 002568ABDC4B
    Laguna South 6416F000BC54
    Laguna South 6416F0C5D834
    Laguna South 6416F0C4D908
    Laguna South 6416F0B13556
    Laguna South 0025689C5C08
    Laguna South 6416F07C51DE
    Laguna South 6416F0C56DCA
    Laguna South 6416F0B12162
    Laguna South 346BD38F9ED0
    Laguna South 6416F0B1BA56
    Laguna South 346BD38F9DAC
    Laguna South 346BD348BB34
    Laguna South 346BD38F8908
    Laguna South 346BD38FAF44
    Laguna South 346BD38FA8C0
    Laguna South 6416F0B10FF0
    Lapu-Lapu Area 404D8E8B4CDC
    Lapu-Lapu Area 202BC169469C
    Lapu-Lapu Area F4C7146C0E1D
    Lapu-Lapu Area 5C4CA9C0EB68
    Lapu-Lapu Area 5C4CA9C092E4
    Lapu-Lapu Area 202BC1AADF29
    Lapu-Lapu Area 202BC1E110FD
    Lapu-Lapu Area 202BC1AAAEE3
    Lapu-Lapu Area 404D8EF2B882
    Lapu-Lapu Area 285FDB283A1C
    Las Pi?as 202BC1E0B895
    Las Pi?as 04C06F02D54C
    Las Pi?as 6416F0B14936
    Las Pi?as 002568AC6F5B
    Las Pi?as 346BD38FAD50
    Las Pi?as 6416F000D2E0
    Las Pi?as 6416F07C5EC0
    Las Pi?as 781DBA1C6308
    Las Pi?as 346BD348B8C8
    Las Pi?as 346BD348E5A0
    Las Pi?as 04C06F60A920
    Las Pi?as 346BD38FA99C
    Las Pi?as 346BD38FA8AC
    Liloan 04C06F60F410
    Liloan 04C06F60F3C4
    Liloan C8D15E255B10
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FBB48
    Lower CAMANAVA 002568ACE893
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FAAC4
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F07F9972
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F0C5ECFE
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FF3C8
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F0C51F1A
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FD900
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FF3E0
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F07C022E
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F07F89A4
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F0B0DA4C
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F07C2D00
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F000C028
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F0B15DDA
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FD640
    Lower CAMANAVA 04C06F5EA46C
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F0B1614A
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F0C509EE
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FF354
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FF314
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F0C51BCE
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F0B16958
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD348C070
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FF410
    Lower CAMANAVA 84A8E44591C5
    Lower CAMANAVA 002568CF81A5
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F0C5E06E
    Lower CAMANAVA 002568ACCC99
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F0B158DA
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FF368
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F0C571EC
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F0C5C382
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FF424
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F0B15938
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FF3A0
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FF258
    Lower CAMANAVA 6416F0C4F6F8
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD348BF8C
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FF294
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FAB44
    Lower CAMANAVA 002568ACDCD3
    Lower CAMANAVA 002568CFB125
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FD914
    Lower CAMANAVA 346BD38FA860
    Lower CAMANAVA 001FFB12EBF4
    Lower QC 1 6416F0B12226
    Lower QC 1 285FDB281F92
    Lower QC 2 6416F0C49B2E
    Lower QC 2 6416F0C5C8A4
    Lower QC 2 346BD38FA0C0
    Lower QC 2 6416F07F8DD2
    Lower QC 2 6416F0B0F9C0
    Lower QC 2 346BD38FA044
    Lower QC 2 346BD38FF378
    Makati 1B 346BD348A8FC
    Mambaling Cebu 285FDB27ED32
    Mambaling Cebu F4C714BD4046
    Mambaling Cebu 001FFB130A03
    Mandaluyong 84A8E44590FD
    Mandaluyong 404D8E8B17F8
    Mandaluyong 346BD348D7A4
    Mandaluyong 346BD348D5C8
    Mandaluyong 346BD348D99C
    Manila 1 6416F07BE780
    Manila 1 346BD38FFFE0
    Manila 1 10C61FCE5B3B
    Manila 1 6416F07FAD4C
    Manila 1 346BD38FFFC8
    Manila 1 346BD348DBE4
    Manila 1 6416F0C481B0
    Manila 1 10C61FCE2163
    Manila 2 346BD38FFFAC
    Manila 2 346BD348A980
    Manila 2 308730C60ED3
    Manila 2 346BD348AB30
    Manila 2 346BD38F8294
    Marikina 346BD38F9BC0
    Marikina 346BD38FA1F8
    Marikina 346BD38FA05C
    Marikina 346BD38FA218
    Masbate C8D15E2405E0
    Muntinlupa 346BD38FABFC
    Muntinlupa 781DBA1C3760
    Muntinlupa 6416F0C47F8C
    North NegOc 04C06FFB75DE
    North NegOc 04C06FFB752A
    North NegOc 04C06FFB2EFC
    North NegOc 04C06FFB75AA
    North NegOc 346BD38FFC70
    North NegOc 346BD38FFAAC
    North NegOc 346BD38FF724
    North NegOc 346BD38FFC7C
    North NegOc 346BD38FF234
    North NegOc 346BD38FFAC8
    North NegOc 346BD38F95E4
    North NegOc 404D8ECFD638
    North NegOc 346BD38F96D4
    Nueva Ecija North 6416F0C5BC4E
    Nueva Ecija North 0025689C4A06
    Nueva Ecija North F4C714BD66F6
    Nueva Ecija North 6416F0C4BC1A
    Nueva Ecija North 6416F0C606EC
    Nueva Ecija North 0025689C2D62
    Nueva Ecija North 6416F07FB37A
    Nueva Ecija North 6416F07FAE00
    Nueva Ecija North 346BD38FBD84
    Nueva Ecija South 6416F0B0E4FE
    Nueva Ecija South 6416F0C51764
    Nueva Ecija South 346BD38F9260
    Nueva Ecija South 002568ABEF5B
    Nueva Ecija South 4C54996D9B97
    Nueva Ecija South 002568CF7BDF
    Nueva Ecija South 346BD38FF4C4
    Nueva Ecija South 308730C64253
    Nueva Vizcaya 404D8EF2A588
    Nueva Vizcaya 285FDB286044
    Nueva Vizcaya 404D8E26AA2C
    Nueva Vizcaya 6416F0C4B1BA
    Pagadian 04C06FFB4D2C
    Pampanga 1 (lower) 346BD38FA328
    Pampanga 1 (lower) 346BD38FFF34
    Pampanga 1 (lower) 346BD38FA8C8
    Pampanga 1 (lower) 404D8ED0747E
    Pampanga 1 (lower) 346BD38F83A0
    Pampanga 1 (lower) 404D8EAA7E3B
    Pampanga 1 (lower) 04C06F60FB90
    Pampanga 2 (upper) C8D15E245290
    Pampanga 2 (upper) 5C4CA9C0B4B0
    Pampanga 2 (upper) C8D15E251034
    Pampanga 2 (upper) 346BD38FFF40
    Pampanga 2 (upper) 346BD38FFEB8
    Pampanga 2 (upper) 346BD38F82F0
    Pampanga 2 (upper) 346BD38F8300
    Pampanga 2 (upper) 346BD38FB860
    Pampanga 2 (upper) 346BD38FAC2C
    Pampanga 2 (upper) 346BD38FB8B8
    Pangasinan 202BC1E0D2BB
    Pangasinan F4C714BD2D10
    Pangasinan 04C06F5E8154
    Pangasinan F4C714BD7336
    Pangasinan 404D8EAA57E5
    Pangasinan 202BC1E0E039
    Pangasinan C8D15E24A0F4
    Pangasinan 404D8ECFD592
    Pangasinan 346BD3490CA0
    Pangasinan 346BD38F8690
    Pangasinan 04C06F031B9E
    Pangasinan 346BD38F7868
    Pangasinan C8D15E248864
    Pangasinan 202BC1E0E29B
    Pangasinan 202BC1E1068B
    Pangasinan 781DBA1C34E4
    Pangasinan 346BD38FD0E0
    Pangasinan 346BD38F7894
    Pangasinan 346BD38F7B50
    Pangasinan 346BD3492120
    Pangasinan 346BD38F7828
    Pangasinan F4C7146C0F69
    Pangasinan 202BC16943D8
    Pangasinan 346BD34927B8
    Pasay C8D15E24B1C0
    Pasay 6416F07C5044
    Pasay 6416F07C4E64
    Pasay 6416F0B10C1C
    Pasay 0025689C3DCE
    Pasig 1 6416F0C4C1F0
    Pasig 1 6416F0C54E7E
    Pasig 1 4C54996DA9A9
    Pasig 1 404D8ED08B2E
    Pasig 1 285FDB28131A
    Pasig 1 6416F0B1A942
    Pasig 1 04C06F02A65C
    Pasig 1 6416F07C5170
    Pasig 1 202BC1E0791B
    Pasig 1 346BD3489E14
    Pasig 1 346BD348AD2C
    Pasig 1 C8D15E246C08
    Pateros C8D15E251BB4
    Quirino 781DBA1C61E6
    Rizal 1 346BD38FC76C
    Rizal 2 04C06FFB5E2E
    Rizal 2 346BD348EAA4
    Rizal 2 346BD38FF634
    Rizal 2 6416F07F9444
    Rizal 2 346BD38FF6A4
    Rizal 2 346BD38FF598
    Rizal 2 346BD38FEFB4
    Rizal 2 781DBA1C7002
    Rizal 2 04C06F02DB36
    Rizal 2 04C06F031BE6
    Rizal 2 346BD38FF630
    Rizal 2 C8D15E23FC74
    Rizal 2 346BD38FF628
    Rizal 3 346BD348C850
    Rizal 3 346BD38FF52C
    Rizal 3 002568ACB545
    Rizal 3 346BD38FF470
    Rizal 3 04C06F5E794E
    Rizal 3 6416F00019C2
    Rizal 3 04C06F5EACEE
    Rizal 3 346BD38FF540
    Rizal 3 346BD38FF65C
    Rizal 3 346BD38FF10C
    Rizal 4 346BD38FF5F4
    Rizal 4 346BD38FD760
    Rizal 4 404D8E6C27BE
    Rizal 4 404D8ED08364
    South NegOc C8D15E2505D8
    South NegOc C8D15E250280
    Subic / Zambales 346BD38FBE18
    Subic / Zambales C8D15E253E24
    Subic / Zambales 346BD38FBC40
    Surigao C8D15E241480
    Surigao 346BD38F772C
    Surigao 346BD38FA1A4
    Surigao 346BD38F9CA8
    Surigao 346BD38FF84C
    Tagbilaran Bohol 04C06F60BACA
    Taguig 346BD38FCD9C
    Taguig 346BD38FCCEC
    Taguig 346BD38FCD74
    Taguig 6416F0C59450
    Taguig 346BD38FCBE4
    Taguig 6416F0C53024
    Taguig 346BD38FCE68
    Taguig 346BD38FCCA0
    Taguig 346BD38FD280
    Taguig 6416F0B10FF2
    Taguig 346BD3491FA0
    Taguig 346BD34920F4
    Taguig 6416F0C56292
    Taguig 346BD38FD0E4
    Taguig 346BD38FCC74
    Taguig 346BD38FCD7C
    Taguig 6416F0C4C25E
    Taguig 346BD38FCD4C
    Taguig 6416F0C4FE8E
    Taguig 346BD38FCEC8
    Taguig C8D15E243D4C
    Tagum C8D15E24D658
    Tagum C8D15E2520A4
    Tagum C8D15E2512F0
    Tagum C8D15E254334
    Tagum 346BD38FFCF8
    Tagum C8D15E254E10
    Tagum 346BD38FFD34
    Tagum 346BD38FDDA8
    Tagum 346BD38FF998
    Tagum C8D15E250EB4
    Tagum C8D15E255520
    Tagum C8D15E253338
    Tagum 346BD38FFCE0
    Talamban Cebu C8D15E2517A0
    Talisay Cebu 202BC1694536
    Talisay Cebu 404D8EAA91DD
    Talisay Cebu 5C4CA9C0F8E8
    Tarlac 346BD348C43C
    Tarlac 346BD348C538
    Tarlac 346BD348C4D4
    Tarlac 346BD348C61C
    Tarlac 346BD348C214
    Toledo Cebu 346BD38FAE50
    Toledo Cebu 04C06FFB75D0
    Toledo Cebu C8D15E243DEC
    Toledo Cebu 04C06FFB763C
    Toledo Cebu 346BD38FAB38
    Toledo Cebu 346BD38FA728
    Toledo Cebu 04C06FFB4092
    Upper Caloocan 6416F0C4E926
    Upper Caloocan 404D8EF27F00
    Upper Caloocan 04C06F611020
    Upper Caloocan 04C06F02EED6
    Upper Caloocan 6416F0C52504
    Upper Caloocan 4C54996E2509
    Upper Caloocan 6416F07FA8FA
    Upper Caloocan 346BD38FF3B0
    Upper Caloocan 6416F07C1582
    Upper Caloocan 346BD38FF32C
    Upper Caloocan 6416F0C5987A
    Upper Caloocan 346BD38F997C
    Upper Caloocan 4C54996DD2CD
    Upper Caloocan 346BD38FF490
    Upper Caloocan 04C06F60DF46
    Upper Caloocan 346BD38FD950
    Upper Caloocan 308730C63401
    Upper Caloocan 6416F07F8D76
    Upper Caloocan 346BD38FF574
    Upper Caloocan 346BD38F9740
    Upper Caloocan 346BD38F9A30
    Upper Caloocan 346BD38FD8E8
    Upper Caloocan 346BD38FAB34
    Upper Caloocan 346BD38FD9BC
    Upper Caloocan 346BD38FADFC
    Upper Caloocan 346BD38FF304
    Upper QC 1 6416F0C5C530
    Upper QC 1 346BD38FA77C
    Upper QC 1 6416F07F7734
    Upper QC 1 6416F0B1A9D6
    Upper QC 1 6416F07C4924
    Upper QC 1 346BD38F90E8
    Upper QC 1 6416F0B15068
    Upper QC 1 6416F0C57F56
    Upper QC 2 6416F0B0DE1C
    Upper QC 2 346BD38FF1AC
    Upper QC 2 002568CFAB5F
    Upper QC 2 346BD38FBABC
    Upper QC 2 002568ABF223
    Upper QC 2 6416F0C627E4
    Upper QC 2 6416F0C60F88
    Zamboanga C8D15E24B324
    Zamboanga C8D15E253750
    Zamboanga C8D15E254D24
    Zamboanga C8D15E2459DC
    Zamboanga C8D15E24A914
    Zamboanga C8D15E255440
    Zamboanga C8D15E255670
    Zamboanga C8D15E254854
    Zamboanga C8D15E251950
    Zamboanga C8D15E256028
    Zamboanga C8D15E24A820
    Zamboanga C8D15E244B68
    Zamboanga C8D15E25106C
    Zamboanga C8D15E255A20
    Zamboanga C8D15E253780
    Zamboanga C8D15E25451C
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  2. boss bakit po hndi maka connect sa telnet ?
    fusiontech likes this.
  3. maka connect ka sa browser!! tama ba pero sa telnet ayaw!!
    Solution dyan ay restore default mulang yong wimax mo tapos ok na !! TRy Muna mag telnet !!
  4. wala pu nagana sakin T.T
  5. maraming salamat po sir.... may gumana po sakin, ginamit ko po yung hindi dito sa location ko.
    marky26 likes this.
  6. ts bkit wla po gumana skn laguna area? 261 ang frequency ..natry ko po ung laguna area lng..
  7. Masaya ako !!para sa iyo !! :D
  8. Wag KA mag lock frequency !! kung hindi stable !!
    marky26 likes this.
  9. working ba to sir?
  10. sir wala bang area ng san juan city. mandaluyong lang po ang nakita ko malapit.
  11. shinitz

    shinitz Enthusiast Established

    bossing maraming salamt po dito pre nakakuha aq
  12. salamat din po rine at nakuha ako .... hihihi....
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  13. bka po may solo mac ka.. penge nman. haha
  14. Meron po bang Bicol or Albay?
  15. Hehehe...mga pre o dre...nasubukan ko na yung green packet dv 235t ko nilagyan ko na yung legit na mac address sa smartbro at 2mbps na ang speed, pero subukan ko muna yung globe mac address nanaman para cool.

    Pre racky meron ka bang mac address sa smartbro na 5mbps na vip? tanx po! :D
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  16. sir anong speed kaya ng mga yan?
  17. pwde nyo po ba akong turuan kung pano yung procedure please???
  18. Basta sir 622i ang unit, Pwede! (y) Salamat dito at may nakuha rin ako.
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