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GLOBE Wimax BM622 no UL_FEC, DL_FEC problem:(

Discussion in 'WiMAX, DSL Modems' started by Mharc Hadrian, May 8, 2013.

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  1. Hinigaran, Negros Occidental
    Fixed Frequency:
    Signal Strength: 1%-8% minasan 25% kasi na-fix na po yung antenna namin
    -87.90dBm +,-
    Slow Internet (around 100kbps up pag off-peak hours at 10kbps to 40kbps pagoffice hours)
    Legit: Hindi po, tapos madalas po conectting nawawala yung UL_FEC at DL_FEC
    Unit: BM622

    sana po matulungan nyo po ako..plz po:(

    3 weeks na po..:new:
  2. bones malinao

    bones malinao Leecher Established

    fair usage policy po ata yan sir

    ganyan din status ko, I think they have re-activated the fair usage policy Data Download Limit
    25gb per month for 1mbps
    30gb per month for 2mbps
    35gb per month for 3 mbps

    I used to download almost over 90gb per month without any incident,
    then it happened.
    When I contacted globe they said my account is being guided by fair usage policy because of network congestions. dami daw kasi nag-dadownload ng torrent hehe

    anyways, this is my 2nd time being capped to such speed
    try to keep it low for a month or two and it will be back to its previous/original speed :)

    goodluck to you sir

    I'm using:
    Globe WiMax
    Plan 1mbps
    unit: bm622i & bm622
  3. hâckêd wimax po kasi to at ikatlong bese ko na pong pinapalitan ng mac address, posible po bang sa mac address ung diperensya or i think baka po maintenance ng system sa location namin..plz po :(
    pa-help naman kung my maintenance samin...

    maramin-maraming salamat nga po pala sa feedback boss..:nice:
  4. i just want to know the tricks of how to change the mac address if yung unit ko is naka-lock iba po yung password na--isi-net ng binilhan namin..hindi po kasi nya sinusumbong kung pano,wla narin kaming communication..andaya!

    pa-help po...

    :( thankz..
  5. bones malinao

    bones malinao Leecher Established

    well, given that your still using a MAC from globe, which is registered on them as an ALIVE account, it is highly possible that it's the MAC thats causing it.
    it may be capped with fair usage policy.
    there is an issue with your area. If this is the case, all you can do is wait.

    or wait for someone who might have a better idea about this than me.

  6. posible sa mac nga yan
    bones malinao likes this.
  8. thankz 2 bones malinao...;)

    any idea nman po sa iba???:ban:
  9. bones malinao

    bones malinao Leecher Established

    sure thing tol! (y)

    its good that an expert confirmed it :D
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