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Globe & TM Globe mgc openssh ihe file for injector

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by aldren119, Aug 22, 2016.


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  1. aldren119

    aldren119 Addict Established

    Good Day to all of you!

    dahil po wala na si def, meron po tyong pang palit mgc ngalang pero okay na..

    • Use your Globe/TM
    • MGC apn Please or Register to view links
    • download the link
    • password [ Date Today ]
    • pag expire na ang acct ko register nlng po ulit.
    • enjoy
    • hit like!
    • Please or Register to view links
    OpenSSH ; you can configure the settings on HTTP injector ; after expiration just reg. a new acct., SSH.

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  2. aldren119

    aldren119 Addict Established

  3. Unang DUGO! Salamat po.
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  4. red007

    red007 Addict Established

    ikalawang digma este dugo
  5. ten2fiv

    ten2fiv Honorary Poster Established

  6. monteborr

    monteborr Enthusiast Established

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  7. Speedlives

    Speedlives Journeyman Established

    Salamat po keep sharing :D
  8. goyynb

    goyynb Honorary Poster Established

    salamat sa pagbahagi!!
  9. vigeta28

    vigeta28 Addict Established

    Bakit di ko po ma download sa datafilehost boss.?
  10. goyynb

    goyynb Honorary Poster Established

    ano format nang date m/d/y , d/m/y ,y/d/m. plss reply!!
  11. vigeta28

    vigeta28 Addict Established

    May password pa boss.?ano password.0

    M,d,y boss
  12. goyynb

    goyynb Honorary Poster Established

    aldren119aldren119 plsss. ano format para ma dl ko nato !!!
  13. goyynb

    goyynb Honorary Poster Established

    sa mga tahimik na nka dl ano pass at format !!# plsss
  14. aldren119

    aldren119 Addict Established

    hanap la ibang browser sa pag download.

    kaya mo yan.. clue no format ng date just Date Today
  15. Boss anu pala ang site para maka register ng bagong account?
  16. aldren119

    aldren119 Addict Established

    pm kta

    pass is Date Today
  17. raizen31

    raizen31 Forum Veteran Established

  18. systemdestroyed

    systemdestroyed Addict Established

    Password format was hard tnx for sharing
  19. aldren119

    aldren119 Addict Established

    good day sir! the password is the visible text.. not the date on this day!

    Good Day! are you having trouble on Internet?
    download my new ihe file OpenSSH
    for globe,

    • mgc apn
    • globe and tm
    • wifi or data
    • pass "Date Today"
    • Please or Register to view links
    • speed 50kBps
    • less DC
    • Open SSH settings