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Globe gprs and apn settings

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by imbz, Aug 8, 2014.

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    Here's how activate your Globe GPRS/MMS/3G settings:
    Method 1:
    1. On your Globe Mobile:
    Just type GO (your phone model),,1234 and send to 2951
    and then wait for the configuration settings from Globe.
    Ex: GO N70,,1234 send to 2951
    *You can use the above example on any phone models

    If you received "invalid keyword" response from Globe using your new phone model, you can use the example above. You can still receive configuration settings even if it is not your exact phone model. Sometimes Globe doesn't recognize new models of cellphone in this kind activation method.
    Note: If your receive the settings, just key in the default PIN which is '1234'
    Method 2:
    2. Another way is through manual configuration:

    myGlobe INET APN Settings:

    Connection Name: myGlobeInet
    APN: http.globe.com.ph
    PSA: or no PSA
    Port: 80 or no Port

    myGlobeConnect APN Settings:

    Connection Name: myGlobeConnect
    APN: Please or Register to view links
    PSA: or no PSA
    Port: 8080 Port

    myGlobeMMS APN Settings:

    Connection Name: myGlobeMMS
    APN: mms.globe.com.ph
    PSA: or no PSA
    Port: 8080
    Homepage: Please or Register to view links

    myGlobe Internet APN Settings:

    Connection Name: myGlobe Internet
    APN: internet.globe.com.ph
    Port: None
    Homepage: Please or Register to view links
    Note: If you're on Postpaid plan, use myGlobe Internet APN settings. For prepaid use myGlobe INET.
    Method 3:

    GPRS Activation via Globe Prepaid SIM Menu

    1. On your phone Menu, go to Applications.
    2. Look for Globe Prepaid (SIM icon)
    3. Select Prepaid Svcs
    4. Click GPRS Settings
    5. Input your handset model or you can input N70 (this works also on any phone model)
    6. Wait for the configuration message then Save!
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  2. ayos ito.,magandang tulong ito lalo na sa mga newbie.,
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  3. this tutorial for newbie only :ROFLMAO: , salamat bro :).
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  4. -
    thank you.
    keep sharing(y)
  5. patulong mga master.di makaconnect ng motorola atrix kosa 3g kahit anong apn ilagay.
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