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Get Cash On Twitter. Just read my method. (just sharing guys)

Discussion in 'Free Internet Tricks' started by nikopaulino, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Writing time, ~20 minutesWelcome to another “How to sell an e-book guide” guide, from an e-book You justbought from someone on bitcointalk.”(Title above is sarcastic)First of all, thank You for buying this tutorial. If it becomes popular, I will make more tutorials, how to make more money per month, just by using my tactics. I'm currently getting $600+ per month, just by applying my social engineering techniques, which are HARMLESS.As most of You have noticed, more and more services are looking for people to promotetheir products or sites on Twitter. Why is that?Because Twitter is one of the best social hubs, where you can contact anyone, at any time. (Wont get deeper into what Twitter is, and how You should use it although)Okay, let's start our preparation and let me show You how You'll be able to make a decent income per week/month.What You'll need is:•1-10 minutes per day (If You have more time, that's even better!)•1 gmail account. ( Please or Register to view links)•Twitter account (Which You will link to your Gmail account)•Money Twitter Bot -TMB-( Please or Register to view links --- DOWNLOAD THE FREE ONE, or if you want more features, buy the pro one.)•A brain, to know what are you going to promote on Twitter, and be able to type on a computer (Let's assume You have everything mentioned above. )What You will be doing is: You are going to build a twitter or multiple twitter accountswith bitcoin related followers. The potential is huge. You just need to use your brain.Let's assume you made your twitter account using your TwitterAccountName@gmail.com(You can use any name for your gmail, this is just an example)What You want to do is, find a nice avatar (image/logo) for your account(s). So it looks like a real account, and not a spam bot. You can use real images of real people, but make sure those images You'regonna use are LEGAL to use.(Keep in mind, your gmail can be used for MULTIPLE twitter accounts. For example:TwitterAccountName+EmmaBitcoin@Gmail.comTwitterAccountName+SomethingElse@Gmail.com)

    For example, 4 days before I started writing this tutorial, I made this account: Please or Register to view links so I can demonstrate the effect of this tutorial.Notice, account was made November 16th, 2015. Account has 122 BITCOIN/CRYPTO related followers as I type at this moment (This numbe will be increasing). I haven't posted many tweets, it justhas 4, with an amazing following of 122 real, organic people who know what bitcoin is. I get engaged in conversations, ask questions, etc.(People who will be hiring You, will want to see real crypto followers)Time invested in building that account was less than 30 minutes I think? In total of 4 days. I'm not gonna talk about deeper social engineering, but You get what's going on.Everyone loves women, especially if they play pôkêr, or are involved with crypto.You don't have to make a female account, but it brings more followers, due to male stupidity of being easily manipulative by women. (duh!)Would this mean that people who own bitcoin casinos would like to have @EmmaBitcoin promote theirsite?(You' got it!)You can apply this method to anything crypto related, not just casinos. Just gather crypto related followers, that's what You need to do. Another good crypto niche is “mining”. Promote mining services.Step #2Open TwitterMoneyBot, add your Twitter account information. (I've been using this tool for months, never had issues)Next thing You want to do is, pick a twitter user you want to follow people who follow him or people he follows. Make sure he doesn't have fake twitter followers, so your account doesn't get spam bots following you and drop your follower % real rate.With TwitterMoneyBot you can follow up to 1000 people in 10-20 minutes, depending on the settings You put inside.Repeat this 2-3 times, until You hit twitter following limit.I usually do minimum 2 seconds, maximum 4 seconds. So it follows 1 person in between 2-4 seconds.Keep in mind that twitter API gets overloaded sometimes, and TMB stops following.All You do is re-run it with the same settings.You will following people who already followed an active crypto related account, which means they're not bots.The only thing to keep in your mind is: You wont be able to follow more than 2000-2200 people with a fresh account in 1 day.You can repeat this to 100s of twitter accounts and get more people to follow you.

    But make sure you don't follow the same people of the same person! (You can do this, but what the heck, no point, if You really want to offer a quality service to people who hire You. This means they will hire You again in the future.)You could post 1-2 tweets per day, related to the content You want to promote.Let's say You want to promote casinos.You can get involved in conversations on twitter. This is a big plus. You can get 100% followers back from a conversation, if You know what you're saying.An example of a tweet would be something like @EmmaBitcoin is tweeting. ( Please or Register to view links)I have managed to get 600+ followers on 1 single (female) account. All crypto related followers. All this in 11 days, from the day of account creation.. ( Please or Register to view links)But I post at least 2 tweets per day and get involved in conversations. I also know when to post. ( Please or Register to view links)Now, the question is, how do You monetize this?It's simple.Go to BCT gâmblïng section(Or ANY other section): Please or Register to view links people who are looking for twitter promotions. Get them to hire You.(Remember, You don't have to limit your service to gâmblïng related stuff! Simply enter in BCT search box: “Twitter promotion”)Here's one: Please or Register to view links (There are like 10+ active twitter promotions from different casinos and they accept 20-40 twitter accounts each)For example, FortuneJack runs a campaign, and pays a total of 2.8 BTC per month for twitter promotions. If you manage to get 1500 followers, You can get 0.12 BTC per month, just with 1 account. Apply this method to multiple accounts and multiple campaigns. You get MORE than 0.12 BTC per month.Now, imagine in 1 month, having 1000+ followers on 5-10 accounts (each)? You get it.There are MANY other casinos or crypto related sites who look for people to promote them on Twitter.All You have to do is to make a strictly focused Twitter account to specific niche around crypto.Is it an exchange? Or a site which sells stuff for bitcoin or altcoins? ← That's up to YOU to decide.I will always be available to answer your questions via PM. Same BCT account which sold You this tutorial/guide.Keep in mind, that You can make MULTIPLE accounts and earn even more than 0.12 BTC per month!

    MAKE SURE:You use #hashtags such as “#bitcoin, #cryptocurrecy, #crypto” in your tweets, so more crypto related people see your content and follow You.You can re-tweet other twitter users, or even your other twitter accounts, so you boost your accounts faster ;)You can also find an un-follow service from Google, so you unfollow people who don't follow you back. ( Please or Register to view links)If this tutorial gets leaked, I will stop making more, and everyone will start losing money, and I'll keep my methods for myself. Would that be worth 15 bucks? :)If You find anyone reselling my tutorial, please show me proof with screenshots and I will return You 50% back of what You paid for this tutorial.Now, since there are shitty people who might want to resell my work, I'm protecting 1 very important thing. How to make it 100% automated. This is not part of this tutorial, but it's a bonus ;)When you finish reading this tutorial, please PM me on bitcointalk, so I give You that information.If You got this guide as a vouch copy, please give your HONEST opinion. I don't need false reviews. I have much more to offer in the future, this is just the beginning.Please leave trust on my profile, so people don't think I'm a scammer. Please or Register to view links should be aware that You'll be my competition in this business, but it's not an issue for me.I run more than 15 crypto related accounts with more than 50k crypto related followers in total. ;)One more time, thanks for buying this guide!Asking you kindly, do not become a gambler. You will lose all your money. Stay away from gâmblïng.gâmblïng services earn money from suckers who throw their money at their services.EDITS:I got 0.025 BTC today Please or Register to view links just to sign up on a gâmblïng site. This was pretty random, but hell yeah.
  2. Ty for the info...

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