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Help Gaming PC Build

Discussion in 'Computer Repair Questions' started by ryruz, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. ryruz

    ryruz Enthusiast Established

    Help naman ano magandang PC gaming build, budget 30k lang.
    (system unit only)
  2. gigabyte builded graphics ati board need mo rin amd hd radeon 6570 para ma dual graphics yun videocard at onboard video :D 4gb ram 500 terrabyte hard disc boom
  3. thunderv0ltz

    thunderv0ltz Enthusiast Established

    1. A8/A10(on board graphics R7/R9)
    2. MSI Motherboard
    3. 2x4GB Kingston HyperX
    4. 1TB Hard Disk
    5. Radeon R7/R9 graphics card(optional for dual graphics)
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  4. ryruz

    ryruz Enthusiast Established

    thanks! buddy
    ano pwding recommend nyo dito?
  5. thunderv0ltz

    thunderv0ltz Enthusiast Established

    Kung intel gagamitin mong processor the most compatible graphics card is nvidia geforce...dont use AMD.
  6. lol masyado mo minamaliit AMD, walang conflict yan mapa nvidia or amd man gamitin mong GPU, at the end of the day, you should just make sure na hindi na bobottle-neck ng processor mo yung GPU mo or else your system will have poor performance.
  7. ryruz

    ryruz Enthusiast Established

    mas maganda siguro mag 8 core na lang ako kaysa i5.
    kaya naman siguro sa rendering.
  8. i certainly agree. mas importante na equal ang performance ng graphics card at proc para di bottleneck.

    just a few tips:
    1) buy a discreet cooler for your proc, lalo na kung mag-ooverclock ka.
    2) buy a 80+ gold certified PSU. kahit mahal ok lang kasi factor din ang power supply kung gano katagal ang buhay ng pc mo.
    3) kung gusto mo mas mabilis ang boot ng windows at loading ng mga applications, use an ssd as your primary hdd. ;)
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2015
  9. Tama :)

    Ano ba main purpose ng build mo sir? anong multimedia software gagamitin mo?
    Kasi pag rendering, naka base sa yan sa software na gagamitin mo,
    Lets put it like this masyado kasi mahaba pag e-explain ko ng in-depth

    in CPU:
    Any Intel Core i5 @3.5GHz would beat an AMD FX-8350 @5GHz on adobe applications (based on benchmarks)
    Any AMD FX-8350 @5GHz would perform on the same level as i7-4790K @4.5GHz on Autodesk Maya and Blender but will eat double the power i7 consumes (about 80W) under load and will produce more heat.
  10. Nakalimutan ko to, dito
    in my opinion, kumuha ka na lang ng GTX 960 kasi yung R7 370 rebrand lang ng R7 265 pero with higher clock speeds, yung GTX 960 gumagamit ng mas modern na architecture at parang R9 280.

    Good Luck sa decision mo :) you always know the best for yourself naman kasi.
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