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free sms world wide? maganda para sa mga Hindi nakakaalam..

Discussion in 'General Mobile Network Tutorials' started by rafael ongotan, May 16, 2013.


is it working?

  1. yes

  2. no

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  1. afreesms.com or afreesms.com/intl/philippines# para sa mga free internet pero d makapag tex ksi walang load. pili lang kayo ng country na gusto nyo, para po sa mga Hindi nakakaalam. no need to register po eto.
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  2. thanks sa share!!!!! galing!! worlwide thanks!!!!
  3. san dun brod wala naman ma itypan ng message e.
  4. cutypie

    cutypie Leecher Established

    pasubok nga po......
  5. exit mo lang ung tumatakip..
  6. magtxt.com/messenger.php

    wotldwide din po yan..

    im using almost 2 yrs na.
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  7. p try po ah kso alin po b dito di ko mkit talga.
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  8. ..f free n internet u at mdalas local lng nman ittxt u s magTXT.com u nlng..
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  9. hello... samsung android po paano mag free internet...
  10. hello... paano po ang free internet????
  11. Salamat dito sir, mas maganda to kasi di mo na isusulat number mo saka 160 characters sya yun iba nasa 140 lang eh tas madali pa basahin yun captcha.
  12. pasubok nga ung worldwide na to hehhehe tnks..
  13. galing mu bro gumagana nga hahahaha lol
  14. phcorner.net/pages/
  15. thanks bro i need pag wala nang lodd
  16. Patry. Thanks sir!(y)
  17. Try nga nito boss . .Thanks
  18. anu un itype m b ung afreesms.com sa url ng browser?thnks..
  19. thanks sir sa pag share! :D
  20. . .Nice share boss. 100% free nga i tried to my another number .Kaso lang ibang number ung sender yung lumabas. But thanks. Pang emergency text din to.
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