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Tutorial Free net using eproxy + bitvise / plink / ovpn for pc (globe/tm, tnt)

Discussion in 'Free Internet Tricks' started by nhar15, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Updated 9/1/2016:
    Sa mga ngrerequest ng eproxy + ovpn idadagdag ko na dito.

    This method is simpler as you will just need eProxy and its built-in bitvise, plink, ovpn client. So it means only one program to use.

    Important thing here is collecting properly and inputting the correct data to eproxy, The eproxy setup is almost just the same as the (eproxy+ovpn method) except for the certificate of ovpn. I will show how its done properly.

    First, create ssh account, I will use fastssh, but you can use any free ssh site that has their
    own squid server like (bestvpnssh,skyssh,mytunneling etc.) to take advantage of their squid server (esp. for Smart/TNT) rather than searching in proxy server sites,and the one found in proxy server sites doesn't last that long so at least ang poproblemahin mo na lang ay ang paghahanap ng payload.

    Take note of all the account information to be used in eproxy, The numbering on this list is the same as the one in screen shot photos to understand better if which item goes where.

    1. Proxy or Squid:
    ca.serverip.co:8080 or (for Smart/TNT) (for Globe/TM MGC)

    2. Listen port:
    8080 (check your local Lport)

    3. SSH : Port
    ca.serverip.co:22 (you can also convert this to numeric ip
    so it should be

    4. VPN : Port
    ca.serverip.co:22 / (any)

    *Sometimes its better to use the numeric ip than the ip name so use the site "host to ip" or similar, to convert the host name to numeric

    5. Since eProxy for PC doesn't have a dedicated payload generator we'll have to generate it somewhere else. I suggest generating a couple of your working payload in http injector and save it first to a notepad. For generating payload, I'll use "m.phcorner.net" for Globe/TM and "h.phcorner.net for Smart/TNT as my sample (as of this writing this is still a working payload) , below procedure, works for me but feel free to use your method and payload.

    Generate Payload

    -->for mgc globe/tm (this is my formula)
    m.phcorner.net + connect + normal injection + online host + keep alive

    6. This is the generated code:

    CONNECT [host_port] [protocol][crlf]Host: m.phcorner.net[crlf]X-Online-Host: m.phcorner.net[crlf]Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf][crlf]

    -->for smart/tnt (this is my formula)
    h.phcorner.net+post+back injection+back query+dual connect+keep alive

    7. This is the generated code

    CONNECT [host_port]@h.phcorner.net HTTP/1.1[crlf][crlf]PUT Please or Register to view links [protocol][crlf]Host: h.phcorner.net[crlf]X-Online-Host: h.phcorner.net[crlf]Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf]CONNECT [host_port]@h.phcorner.net [protocol][crlf][crlf]

    8. Username: fastssh.com-tutorial

    9. Password: 12345

    10. Tick bitvise/plink

    11. Click start

    Check Screenshot !!!


    plink bitvise

    Updated 9/1/2016:

    For Eproxy + Ovpn Settings
    1. For the eproxy setting you need to add the certificate found in your ovpn config file to the eproxy certificate tab. Remember my kanya kanyang config file and bawat server ganun din sa certificate.

    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

    copy nyo yung nasa loob nito..check screenshot.


    2. And copy this code to your ovpn config file, replace the xxx.xxx.xx.xx with your dedicated squid proxy, no need for port number.

    http-proxy 8080
    route xxx.xxx.xx.xx net_gateway

    route-delay 5


    In eproxy installation folder you will find a template.ovpn. If you will be using eproxy's default ovpn client this is the default config that exproxy will load. so delete all text in there and replace it with your own edited config (keep the name template.ovpn).

    X:\"Your Install Location"\eProxy PC Edition\bin\OpenVPN\config\template.ovpn

    3. For the configuration tab the same pa rin nung sa ssh, pro piliin nyo ung ovpn dun sa may start tab.

    For the MGC check my other thread. sa MGC di n kailangan ng eproxy directa lang na ovpn.


    Please or Register to view links

    Good Luck! ;)
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2016
  2. ambushzeefreak

    ambushzeefreak Addict Established

    Kamusta download speed? Aabot ba ng 300kbps?
  3. isanne08

    isanne08 Enthusiast Established

    Thanks sa info...
  4. Chickencow

    Chickencow Addict Established

    ayos to a. try ko mamaya. thanks for the share. :)
  5. sa inyu lang malakas..:(
  6. Pa try din..thanks author.
  7. Ayos to hahaha kaso di abot ng utak ko hahaha
  8. thanks for sharing
  9. Thanks for being generous! Keep it up bossing!
  10. Thanks..gumana sya...
  11. elenjon4ever

    elenjon4ever Addict Established

    salamat boss, may nang share din nang payload for eproxy. sana gumana sakin. ty ulit....

    salamat boss, may nang share din nang payload for eproxy. sana gumana sakin. ty ulit....
  12. Ung download speed depende yan sa payload and squid mo. dito sample setup lng to kya yung facebook lang ginamit ko.

    nagkalat na po ang eproxy search na lang.
    sample lang po yan kahit anong payload na gumagana sa ibang handler ay gagana rin sa eproxy
  13. elenjon4ever

    elenjon4ever Addict Established

    pa pm naman po nang gumaganang payload boss ayaw sakin eh, for tnt po boss
  14. 1.png

    try mo ung quadro payload ni thereal_slimshady (credit sa kanya) copy paste mo n lng. yan gmit ko jan. ok nman speed nya.
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  15. elenjon4ever

    elenjon4ever Addict Established

    ok na boss napagana ko narin hehe tanks sa info boss, big help to sakin, upload_2016-8-22_20-4-10.png

    ok na boss napagana ko narin hehe tanks sa info boss, big help to sakin, hindi kona nagamit yung payload ni thereal_slimshady .ehi kasi yun eh, hindi ako marunong nun boss.... ty po ulit boss...

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  16. elenjon4ever

    elenjon4ever Addict Established


    ibang payload po gamit ko dito
    upload ko po gamit ko, para matry nung iba
    eto po ung link
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  17. thanks ts nice! keep on sharing!
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