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Android App (FREE NET)Psiphon HANDLER Setting for Sma Smart, TNT, Globe and Sun

Discussion in 'Android Internet Tricks' started by kapc, Sep 9, 2015.

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  1. CLOSE NA TO....
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2015
  2. done.. must try ;) , pm for pass? tenxs
  3. pa pm po pass ty . done like and follow
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  4. mrkilluwa

    mrkilluwa Journeyman Established

    pa pm sa pass boss please
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  5. papm ng password..tia..
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  6. Pm po ang password boss. .tnx
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  7. p pm pass bos pls.............
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  8. Pa pm sa pass boss tanx
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  9. pa try boss pa pm pass ^^
  10. Pa pm po pass boss :)
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  11. TS shercon here aq ung ka chat m sa thread m na Psiphon 100 smart try ko sa globe ung update mo pa PM ng password
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  12. pa try nga nito :).pwde pa pm ng pass boss salamat
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  13. PASSWORD -
    LIKE This thread and
    Follow me..
  14. na like na TS saan po password?
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  15. jeffdapogi

    jeffdapogi Journeyman Established

    boss anu password ? salamat
  16. Nafollow at like na boss
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  17. Pa pm po ng pass.. sa tab po vah pwdeng mkita ung settings? Chinese po kse tnx..
  18. xyts

    xyts Addict Established

    pa pm boss. na follow at like ko na.
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  19. done sir.... pa PM sa PASS... salamat!
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  20. 0 load ba sa GLOBE/TM?
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