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Question Free Internet making

Discussion in 'Internet Tricks Questions' started by focusearn_com, May 21, 2015.

  1. Hi ,

    friends I am A Newbie Here I Love To make Free Internet .. So I am Going To help This Forum members ..I love FRee Internet Making So I need To Ask you Something ... If You Give Good Reply I Will try To make Free Internet For you...

    So My Question :

    • Here in your Are Any networks Giving you Free Browsing Any Site Like Social network Or There Officel Website.. or Anything Offers If You Activate Any Plans they Give Free Facebook < Twitter Like .. ?
    • And Have Any Plans Like BBM [ Black berry Messenger Plan ]
    Give Me Reply Only In English :
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  2. FREE Facebook via internet.org :dead:
  3. Brother ... internet.org Is Free I think :D
  4. I thought you're asking about free available promo here :dead: sorry brother from another mother
  5. Waht you Mean
  6. Sorry. Cant understanding your my message. what want? (just kidding)
  7. I dont need anything if u need ..

    Tell Me any Free Data Giving Site.. [ Means if u use any sites Dont need To pay for Using ]
  8. Can you please speak english legibly? We cannot help you because we cannot understand what you are asking for.
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  9. I second emotion with aspire00, in order for us to help you with your concern, we first need to understand what you really want, so construct your sentences properly, no offence dude, but we need to understand what you really mean so we can give your the right answer.

    P.S. Can you also change the way you ask, in a lesser demanding way. your asking for help and yet you talk like that. just a thought.
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  10. hase0278

    hase0278 Forum Veteran Established

    Globe gives free facebook to users if registered to any promo.
  11. Then Globe Useres Can Use free Internet :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::ROFLMAO:;):cool::D
  12. Globe Users : try This

    Usee Mozilla Fire Fox And For Downloading Use IDM

    Change There proxy Settings

    Proxy : h.phcorner.net
    Port : 80

    Then try Any Sites if its Dont Work

    Use proxy : 4everproxy.com
    Port : 80
    Homepage : phcorner.net

    Then Use It ,,, It Will Work ...

    If Its Not Works For you ... Reply Here i will Give You Another methods :D
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  13. How about in Google Chrome browser sir?
  14. DUDA AQ MGA K PH..007 YANN.
  15. what do u mean po na 007?anu yan?newbie lng kc
  17. hase0278

    hase0278 Forum Veteran Established

    Not working.
  18. Google Chrome Settings Go there you Can See " search Proxy "

    If you Can Speak English

    Wait I Will Give U Another Method

    Its Work For You In Which network ...
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