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Tutorial Free host site scanning tool

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by Hayizaku, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Good day friends!

    Please ignore if you do not find this useful or if you know of a better resource.
    I found it a lot easier to confirm if these sites are accessible at zero balance with your ISP.

    Once a site have been scanned it only takes one click to confirm its use.

    What you'll need :
    • Acunetix Vulnerablity Scanner
    • Internet access
    • Diskarte
    Method 1: Using Range Scan

    In this example I will use Please or Register to view links which is the domain of the other three subs that you see below.

    • Ping Please or Register to view links, app.kickbit.com, sun.mysocial.ph, sun.mygames.ph etc. to get their server ip. Here below are my result.
    Please or Register to view links /
    app.kickbit.com /
    sun.mysocial.ph /

    • Now after getting the IP address you need to place a range for scanning.
    ex. - 255 - 255
    • Open Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner and click on 'Target Finder'.
    • Input IP range.
    ex. Ip range= port:80,8080,443
    • This will scan all the servers within this range and the defined ports.
    • After scanning is completed save the list of scanned result disconnect your internet and connect with 0 balance. Now open the host list that you found and check them one by one(eto po yung cnasabi ko iki-click lang yung links from the scan results) whether they are opening or not with 0 balance.

    Method 2: Subdomain Scanner

    This other method is pretty much just like using the site Please or Register to view links if you are all already familiar(if not you should check it out).
    • In this method I will try to find the other subdomains under Please or Register to view links other than the ones that are already given below.
    site= Please or Register to view links
    subdomain=app.kickbit.com ,sun.mysocial.ph , sun.mygames.ph(and a seemingly endless list).
    • Now select your free host. You already know app.kickbit.com ,sun.mysocial.ph and sun.mygames.ph.
    • Open Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner and find and click 'Subdomain Scanner'. Put the domain name and click start. Wait for the scanned results.
    • Now you will get the subdomains of Please or Register to view links. Disconnect your internet access again and check those subdomains whether they are opening with 0 bal or not.



    This tool can only be downloaded thru a link they send to your email.
    Please or Register to view links

    And that's it. Hope to get a few feedbacks from you guys.
    Thank you PHcorner for the knowledge.
    God bless us all.
  2. nice tnx makakatulong to
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  4. Salamat chief sa pag bigay impormasyon ukol dito. Malaki at dagdag kaalaman ang naibigahi mo sa amin
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