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Free Google Internet On Globe/TM/SMART/ TNT

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by Elmor_89, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. Elmor_89

    Elmor_89 Enthusiast Established

    share ko lang to mga ka PHC

    Just when you thought that free internet is
    impossible, Google has lauched the freezone
    for Globe, SMART, TM, and TNT. As long as
    your connected to the internet even without
    load (at least for Globe and TM) you can
    connect to the internet using the freezone
    search engine. And here's the best part,
    everything you see on the search results can
    be accessed for free like Facebook, Yahoo!
    and major sites.


    Working internet connection or data
    Prepaid SIM (Globe, TM, SMART, TNT, or
    even SUN)
    Default browsers, Firefox for mobile,
    Google Chrome for mobile (Opera mini is
    not supported)
    Smart phone or mobile phone
    P0.00 load for Globe or TM
    At least P2.00 for SMART/TNT
    G+ account/Google Account


    1. First, open your data connection and be
    sure to have load below P4.00 otherwise
    it will be consumed as standard data
    2. Then go to your browser and open this
    link Please or Register to view links or http://
    3. Search your favorite websites for free.


    Some sites are not supported by the
    freezone, in that case Google will notify
    you first before proceeding to the site.
    This is FREE DATA CHARGE. As long as
    the green bar displaying free page you
    won't be charged.
    This freezone for Globe or TM is
    specifically for short questions like "how
    tall is mount Everest".
    Only for mobile (desktop is not
  2. may naisip ako sa thread na to, well thanks for sharing po (y)
  3. Ah, ok. thanks po sa Info.. :)
  4. lightz0001

    lightz0001 Addict Established

    libre.ph yata yan

    ip nyan

    kung meron na nyan pwede ng gawan ng ehi yan or pang combi sa psiphon
  5. Lovemae1

    Lovemae1 Addict Established

    Newbie here.. thanks
  6. Alam ko na gagawin :) haha salamat ts ;)
  7. i know what you're thinking :) pm me
    Tobisawa likes this.
  8. natasu

    natasu Journeyman Established

    If you know what i mean :)
  9. bymydy

    bymydy Journeyman Established

    Thanks, might be a clue for something.
  10. jaz4yOu

    jaz4yOu Honorary Poster Established

    Mmm.. Nice one... So my idea na... :)
  11. shinatoren

    shinatoren Journeyman Established

    Thanks ts.. try ko mamaya pag wala na akong load.
  12. hudzy

    hudzy Enthusiast Established

    salamat po ng marami...
  13. di ko lang matest kase di ko matanggal ung sim ko na ginagamit ngayon. pero mukhang legittttt :ROFLMAO:

    later later pag tapos ko mag lol (y)
  14. Elmor_89

    Elmor_89 Enthusiast Established

    NP :)

    NP :D
  15. REDnaxela

    REDnaxela Addict Established

    for all networks na pala siya.
  16. Elmor_89

    Elmor_89 Enthusiast Established

    NP :)
  17. maika

    maika Journeyman Established

  18. Elmor_89

    Elmor_89 Enthusiast Established

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