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Tutorial Free COC (Beginners Guide w/ Screenshot)

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans' started by m0kiee, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. Free VPN - COC (Smart)
    This can help you play Clash of Clans without WiFi or any promos you've been registered. No load needed.​

    • Rooted Phone
    • Your Freedom
    • Smart Sim
    First, download your-freedom app on their official website or in play store. Open you-freedom app and scroll down then click okay to proceed.

    Second, at the bottom, go click the configure/configuration. (See screenshot below...)


    Third, click the third-one. The connection settings. (See screenshot below...)


    Fourth , change the connection settings. (See screenshot below...)


    Fifth , as you can see in connection settings, there are three (3) dots. Let's call it a Tabs. Go click the last dot or tab. Change the settings like what I did. (See screenshot below...)


    Sixth , go back to the index and then click the Start Connection below. (See screenshot below...)


    You will know if you are already connected when you see the 2 icons which is the Green Opened Door and a Key. This will not work in some places or spot. So, look for some places or spots in your area to use this.


    First, connect to your-freedom by clicking Start Connection and then look at the top and you will see the Your-Freedom icon with the texts, Please or Register to view links — Open your door to the world. Click it. (See screenshot below...)


    Second, a random username and password will be given. Don't change anything. Now, let's put fake email or a gmail below the password box and mark checked the three (3) check box for their terms/agreement. (See screenshot below...)


    Third, scroll down and you will see the texts box for your personal infos'. Please leave it blank. (See screenshot below...)


    Fourth, Go to the bottom of the registration page and you'll see the Create Account button. Click it. (See screenshot below...)


    Fifth, you are now at the main page, click configure button below. (See screenshot below...)


    Sixth, as you can see there are choices where you want to go through. Scroll down and click SHOP. (See screenshot below...)




    Seventh, choose any option below and click the button below entitled FREE. After that, a message will be shown and then go back to the index and reconnect.

    Time Limit of usage is only two (2) hours. Check my second thread for the tutorial of permanent use.
    Link : Please or Register to view links

    Please like my posts for more tutorials.
    View all my threads :
    Please or Register to view links
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2015
  2. Pamarka muna ako sir. Subukan ko mamaya. Salamat
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  3. Sige ba. Feedback nalang po, thanks :)
  4. pokz5

    pokz5 Forum Veteran Established

    bookmark muna boss..testing ko mamaya.thanks:D
  5. Okay lang. Like lang kung nagustuhan nyo :) thanks.
  6. nice thread. will try later. kudos to the poster!
  7. Thanks sa share bossing
  8. ayy, di ko nakita, rooted phone lang pala. geez. :)
  9. Try mo po sa non-rooted phone :) naka root kasi yung phone ko kaya mas prefered na kung anong nasa phone ko yun na nilagay ko.
  10. Sa mga nakatry na po. Feedback nalang po.
  11. pa bookmark mo na .. pang reserve thanks ts
  12. Sige lang. Walang problema.
  13. eLkahoy

    eLkahoy Addict Established

    Location mo TS?
  14. Davao Area po.
  15. ano po bang mangyayari pang iro-root yung phone??hehe,"

    ano po bang mangyayari pag iro-root yung phone??hehe,"
  16. Google is your friend po.
  17. Marian0012

    Marian0012 Addict Established

  18. Sige lang. Feedback lng kung ano prob nyo.
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