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For android developer:

Discussion in 'Android Applications' started by Rhainton11, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. (Credit to owner) huehuehhe peace!

    Good Day!
    This is an ANDROID Developing or Programming Tutorial.. Have Fun

    I'm Not a professional so please do correct my mistakes


    What is ANDROID?
    go here: Please or Register to view links

    What App Should I Used?
    A. If you have a PC at Home you will need an application called ECLIPSE.
    B. If you don't have a PC at home, then use your android phone. Yes your Android Phone! Use an app called AIDE.
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    You will definitely have a hard time understanding this if you don't have any programming experience. This Books might be useful. Take Some time to read this.

    Go Here:
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    Quote:>>>>Ok in this Tutorial I will train you on how to make an Android Project.

    Using Eclipse
    1. Open Ecllipse.
    2. Right Click , Choose New > Other > Android folder > Android App Project.
    3. Name Your App For Example "MyFirstApp".
    4. Click next until finish. Done

    Using AIDE
    1. Open AIDE
    2. Tap Menu ON the upper-left side.
    3. Choose For Experts> Tap Create new Project here.. >New App
    4. Name Your App For Example "MyFirstApp".
    5. Done.

    As you can see. There are many folders created inside your project. I will post a definition of the folders.

    Quote:>>>>SRC folder :
    Ito ang naghahawak ng mga *.class files ng application mo.
    Quote:>>>>GEN :
    Naglalaman ng "2 Auto Generated Folders". SHOULDN'T BE TOUCHED!!.
    > BuildConfig.java - The basic configuration file.
    > R.java - It provides access to resources in you App. Each resource has an especific identity.
    Quote:>>>>ASSETS :
    Naglalaman ng mga text files at ng iba pang mga data files na kelangan o gagamitin ng app.
    Quote:>>>>LIBS :
    (Library) Naglalaman ng file na "android.support-v4"
    > android.support-v4 is the Android API that allows us to use newest API.
    Quote:>>>>RES :
    Sa loob nito may makikita tayong mga folders na drawable blah..blah.. Sa mga folder na yan nakalagay yung mga images na gusto mong gamitin example is yung (ic_launcher.png) icon ng app. Kung mapapansin mo iba-iba ang resolution nung icon. Oo. Dahil hindi naman magkakatulad ang mga resolution ng ating mga phones o tablet.
    Quote:>>>>RECOMMENDED SIZE NG ICONS. (in dp format)
    xlarge(xhdpi) - 960dp x 720dp
    large - 640dp x 480dp
    normal - 470dp x 320
    Sa loob ng RES may layout folder. Eto naman yung nag dedefine sa UI (User Interface) by editing the activity_main.xml.

    Makes elements relative to other elements by the word itself

    Align all elements in one direction (horizontally or vertically) .

    Lay out elements in a series of rows and columns.

    Frames Elements.
    Quote:>>>>BIN :
    Contains files built by ADT.
    > Makikita mo rin dito yung mismong installer ng app mo which is *.apk . APK ang file format ng mga app na maari nating ma install sa Android. APK stands for Application Package File) .
    Quote:>>>>AndroidManifest.xml (its a file)
    Defines the APP NAME, APP ICON, ACTIVITY USED, PERMISSION THAT MAY REQUIRED, and "android.intent.action.MAIN" eto yung magsisilbing entry point ng app.


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    List of Tutorials
    Page 1
    *Table Layout
    Page 2
    * Run your Android Project to your Phone
    * Debug your Android App
    * Export your Android Application (APK)
    Page 3
    *Simple Input and output
    Page 4
    * Log in Sample (two xml)

    Video Tutorials (RECOMMENDED)

    1. Beginners to Advance by TheNewBoston (ÿôutubê)
    2. Android Development Tutorial Basic2Advance By Derek Banas (ÿôutubê)
  2. Great info. Thanks!
  3. toytoy31

    toytoy31 Forum Veteran Established

    salamat sa info mo,boss?
  4. Jaymark123

    Jaymark123 Forum Guru Established

    thanks for the info
  5. Mabuhay ang PHC!!!
    Keep on sharing!!!
  6. anndags

    anndags Honorary Poster Established

    Kaya hindi ako nag I.T. eh dahil sa mga ganito! Hahaha, BTW, thank you ts! God bless you!!
  7. 077

    077 Addict Established

    Thanks for that
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    niceguy Addict Established

    thanks for info . keep on sharing
  9. Thanks for the info
    Keep sharing

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