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Foods to Avoid if You Want to Lose Weight

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by PurpleFox, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Salted Nuts
    Nuts are good for heath and are included in many weight-loss diet plans. However, salted nuts have a high sodium content, so if you eat a lot, you may go beyond the daily recommended amount. Excessive sodium is linked with bloating or water retention in the body, which makes you gain weight. Moreover, eating nuts mindlessly can itself make you gain weight. If you enjoy nuts, eat unsalted varieties and limit your calorie intake by eating fewer.

    Even though you may think ketchup can’t make you fat, it contains a lot of added sugar, which affects your calorie intake. One packet of ketchup can contain as much as 2 grams of sugar. Try replacing ketchup with other condiments like hummus, mustard and salsa that contain less or no sugar.

    Diet Soda
    While it seems logical that diet soda is a preferable weight-loss beverage over regular soda, this is not the case. Although diet sodas contain fewer calories, they have artificial sweeteners like aspartame that can affect your weight. Diet soda also contains phenylalanine, which may cause mental retardation, seizures and brain damage in people with phenylketonuria.

    Fruit Juices
    Most fruit juices are naturally sweet, but many commercial products contain a lot of added sugar. Moreover, they do not contain the fiber you get by eating fresh fruit. Juices may sound like a healthier option, but due to low fiber content, they do not increase satiety when compared to whole fruits.

    Pickles make a good choice when you are on a weight-loss diet because they are low in calories and high in flavor. However, some pickles have excessively high sodium content that may be harmful for your body. According to Prevention.com, high sodium intake may lead to hypertension, heart diseases, osteoporosis and kidney damage. So, enjoy your pickles in small amounts.

    Low-Fat Foods
    When you eat a low-fat food, you tend to eat more in order to feel full, so you lose the benefit of reduced calories due to reduced fat. Moreover, low-fat food may contain added sugar and salt to compensate for flavors lost when fat is removed.

    Breakfast Cereal With Added Sugar
    Breakfast cereals can provide fiber to help you feel full, but many contain added sugar for better taste. If you regularly eat sugary cereal, you might add on weight instead of losing it.
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