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Fingerprint: better security than password

Discussion in 'Coding, Programming' started by SecureMetric, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. Nowadays, passwords are widely used. It has been dominant especially with different accounts setup over the internet or for your applications. Reusing passwords is a bad practice and is pretty vulnerable for a man in a middle attack. It’s always been very difficult for us to remember passwords required for various devices and accounts.

    We introduce to you SecuGen Hamster Plus fingerprint scanner. It reduces the passwords that you have to remember and provides superior and better security than passwords. Fingerprint not only enhances your security over password, it also makes your life easier by eliminating those hard and long passwords that’s hard to remember.

    Hamster Plus is plus is compact, lightweight and portable that can be used for personal computer security or in a larger network setting. This biometric system will add an additional layer of protection and has the features:


    • Auto-On: automatically scan your fingerprint by simply placing your finger on it.
    • Smart Capture: enables to capture fingerprint images even in very bright areas, including direct sunlight.
    • It automatically adjusts the brightness of the sensor.
    • Can read wet, scarred or aged skin.
    • Easy to understand and develop with the use of SDK and API samples.
    • It gives you a full access and control on the fingerprint scanners to program it on your own.
    • It can be programmed on Android, Windows, Linux, Java and Solaris platform.
    • Scratches, Impacts, Vibrations and Electric shocks tested.

    See detailed info at: Please or Register to view links

    For inquiries, please contact:

    Email: bryan@securemetric.com.ph
    M: +639253004114
    T: +632 2677533

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