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Finding a Serious Love for a Single Mom or Dad

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Yours, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. How to Find a Serious Love As a Single Mom or Dad

    Facing life after being separated from your partner is not easy, especially if you have kids and your self esteem has suffered a blow. While time heals many things, this can be of little comfort if you feel the ache of being alone and wonder whether you'll find another person to share your life with again. However, it is a reality that after a while, you will feel stronger and it will be possible to start looking for someone new to connect with on a deeper level. When you feel ready, the following suggestions will help you to reach out and find someone special again.

    Accept that you are now facing a new chapter of life. Things will no longer be the way they used to be. You are now a single parent. By accepting that, you are able to free yourself from worry and regret. You are able to cut those chains that bind you to isolation and potentiality limited experiences.
    • Accept and think that you’ve made the best decision to a certain scenario that you’ve been through, unless you got dumped.
    • Accepting is a concrete proof of your ability to let go of the past, thus making peace with your present.

    Move on. After being able to accept things as they are, then it’s time to move on. You must now start living your life. Do it by enjoying the delights the world can offer.
    • Invite your friends and have some fun––just make sure your children are appropriately supervised at all times.
    • Eat in your favorite restaurant. Book a babysitter for your children if they are young enough to require one.
    • Have a môviê night, or go to an adventure, with your children possibly.
    • Visit mother nature. Visitors to mother nature frequently find serious love, especially single parents. Do a little camping––you’ll be surprised by how nature can serenade you with its beautiful music of peace and help you find serious love.
    Empower yourself. You need to become an empowered person, a way of shouting to the world that you are now definitely free and can do whatever you want to and no one will stand in judgment. By empowering yourself, you will live in a constant state of happiness and not feel stressed by all the work, worry and responsibilities of being a single parent. You can start by being more dedicated to your job, if you are able to work and be a single parent, and have a social life.
    • Love your work more. But don’t ever be a slave to your job by stressing yourself because of it. It’s good to be devoted to it but don’t work too much. Remember that you are doing this as part of empowering yourself.
    • Spend more time with your kids. It’s vital not to miss having dinner with them. Always ask how their day was and monitor their status in their school. In that way, your kids will feel that you can still be a good and responsible parent despite being separated and that you can still love them unconditionally, thus making yourself enough for them.

    Be open. Now that you have accepted, moved-on, and finally empowered yourself, the final step is to make yourself open again. You need to be “available” again. Open the doors to greater possibilities. It’s time to find the real love of your life. But you can’t just sit in there and wait for the perfect person to come.
    • Keep in mind that good things won’t come unless you act on the opportunities that come your way. Also remember that there are other people like you, specifically other single moms or dads, who are willing to enter into a serious relationship and build a new life together. Blended families bring their own challenges obviously but you are capable of working through that, for the better
    Sign up to social sites. Choose social sites that cater for single parents who are interested in starting another long term serious relationship, with someone who has already abandoned one family, or, been abandoned, (such as SingleParentMatch.com). Browse other people’s profiles and find your potential matches. It is worth a try. The good news about signing up in this kind of sites is that all people here already have kids just like you and you can filter your desired specifications like age, location, and so forth.

    Keep a positive mindset about your future. You will be able to meet and date someone who is serious about connecting anew. The more you give this a go, the more likely it will become that you find your next-stage-of-life companion.
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