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Fed up with your Wi-Fi connection? Read me for an effective SOLUTION!

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by htfan, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

    In an era of rapid change, technology is playing a significant role in our daily life; especially Wi-Fi!!! xD
    There might have many users encountering slow Wi-Fi speed or connection issue in daily life and most of the users think that it is due to the mobile’s issue. However, the issue occurred are mostly due to the Wi-Fi setting issue.

    Part 1: Common factors that causing you not able connect to Wi-Fi:

    1. The password you entered is incorrect. Note that the password is case-sensitive.
    2. The Wi-Fi password has changed.
    3. The Wi-Fi reception is poor.
    4. The maximum number of connected devices for the Wi-Fi network may have been reached.
    5. Your phone is too far from the router, the signal will be too weak and the network connection will automatically disconnect.
    6. The maximum number of connected devices for the Wi-Fi network may have been reached.

    Part 2: Secret to Speed up your Wi-Fi 200%!


    In facts, the Wi-Fi connection speed can be addressed by some simple setting, learn it quickly!


    Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Press & hold the Wi-Fi you wish to connect -> Modify network -> Show advanced options.


    Select IP settings -> Static -> Enter your IP address and DNS details -> Connect.

    After the setting is done, your Wi-Fi speed will become like….


    That's all for today and hope it help you for a better experience! :lol::lol::lol:
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  2. monic1210

    monic1210 Journeyman Established

    Sa salamat sa gabay nto boss s pag share ng agham.,salamat tlga at panatag na kalooban ko...
  3. aly1

    aly1 Addict Established

    what to put on the ip address and gate away? where to find the 192.XXX.XXX something?
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