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HTML, CSS & Javascript Fan of Sword Art Online? Take a Look for a while

Discussion in 'Coding, Programming' started by YokaiDesuDesu, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. JS2.jpg

    [W.I.P]Sword Art Online : Virtual Moments
    Fan-made Game Developed By: YokaiDesuDesu
    Written in : JavaScript [RPG MAKER MV Engine]
    Available for: Android, PC, Web(not so sure, Walang Budget para sa Server LOL :D)

    Title Screen GFX : Collaboration with @ Please or Register to view links (tol wag mo ibulgar yung tunay na account ko hahaha)

    Sword Art Online : Virtual Moments is a 2D Role Playing Game inspired by the Anime "Sword Art Online"
    This Game is Currently 45% Complete


    for now Map GUI and The Iconic Sword Art Online Menu were only fully developed
    (the images for menu can't be seen </3 for some reasons .. leecher mode ang account ko)

    If you were willing to help to this development you must be:

    1. Know how to code in JavaScript
    2. Have RPG MAKER MV (of course)
    3. Know how to make a Map by Photoshop prefer(Parallax Mapping)
    4. Syempre .. Marunong gumamit ng GOOGLE :D !!

    #Actually Walang mapost at bored .. sana di annoying sa inyo to ..
    *flies away*​
  2. Hahahaha mabuti nakita ko yung post mo xD
  3. Hahahahha Takte walang tulugan na nga eh XD .. tagal ko ng nag tatambay sa site na to ngayon lang ako nagcreate .. sunod naman i uupload ko yung sarili nating Software XD
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  4. Nice thread sana eroge for android ts
  5. Thanks :D
  6. hahahaha thanls dito boss...
    may idea na ako pano gumawa ng games...
    practice muna ako.. (y)..
  7. try mo sa mobile para dami mag game yan

  8. I See kung may tanong ka or mag papagawa ka ng plugin PM mo lang ako

    yea .. ipoport ko po talaga sa mobile
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  9. do you have update for this project?
  10. shadapakap696

    shadapakap696 Addict Established

  11. akanesakura

    akanesakura Addict Established

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