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Trivia Fake

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by Yours, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Method 1 of 2: Overcoming Annoying Fakeness

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      Avoid the fake person.
      Whenever you're dealing with someone who makes you feel annoyed or disrespected, your best move is almost always one of the simplest options available. Simply avoid the person who's aggravating you. Hang out together as little as possible. The less time you spend with this person, the fewer chances s/he will have to get on your nerves.
      • The best part of this policy is that it's also a subtle way of punishing someone for acting fake. When they act this way, they don't get the privilege of hanging out with you.
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      If you can't avoid the fake person, keep your interactions short.
      Making decisions about who you hang out with one-on-one is easy. However, sometimes social situations can force you to hang out with fake people anyway (for example, if the fake person shows up to a group event). In this case, you still want to avoid being rude, so don't outright ignore the fake person. Instead, just try to act polite without being overly friendly. This way, you have less of a chance of starting a conversation with the fake person.
      • A good rule of thumb is simply to avoid talking to this person until s/he talks to you first or until you have to for some other reason. Act polite but a little distant towards this person — a little like how you'd talk to someone you've never met before.
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      Don't let annoying fake behavior get to you.
      Keeping your cool around fake people is very important, even if they're really annoying.
      • It's almost always better to remove yourself from an annoying situation than to blow up at someone whose fakeness is aggravating you. Don't be afraid to give yourself a few minutes of "cool off" time if you feel your temper beginning to flare.
      • However, if the fake person says something disrespectful to you, you don't have to lay back and take it. Fake people need to know that there are limits to their behavior, so fire back by saying something like, "I don't like it when you say things like that around me."
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      Don't stoop to the fake person's level.
      You never want to become fake yourself when you're trying to fight fakeness in other people. Resist the urge to "get back" at a fake person by giving in to petty gossiping and rude remarks. Remember that if you act this way, other people may not be able to tell the difference between your fakeness and the fakeness of the person you're fighting.
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  2. i dedicate this thread to all of the plastic people who lives in this world :hilarious:
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