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Globe & TM Fair Use Policy for Super Surf, Power Surf and BB Max

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by FoxxYou, Dec 21, 2013.

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  1. As I mention Before. I am an Agent for Globe Care Postpaid Account. Na limutan ko lang i-Share na may update Pala. Kaya basa na lang mga ka PHC.. If you think this Thread Helps you. Pa like na lang.

    1. Why does Globe implement a Fair Use Policy?

    Globe Fair Use Policy is implemented to ensure that all our subscribers get to equally share an enjoyable broadband experience. This policy is designed to protect those who might be affected by the few subscribers who use the service/promo for activities other than its intended use.

    2. Why was I affected by the Globe Fair Use Policy?

    As we ensure that everyone gets a good connection, those who are most likely to be affected by this policy are those who do the following activities:

    • Uses peer-to-peer/torrent applications
    • Download videos and music
    • Heavy video/media strêâmïng
    • Any other heavy download - FTP etc.

    3. Is NTC aware of this policy?

    Yes NTC approved our policies.

    3.1. I read somewhere (inquirer.net) that NTC already junked capping, why are you still implementing it?

    As of the moment there is no final ruling yet and there are still series of hearings for this issue. Globe will abide by the policies once NTC's final guidelines are released. Thank you.

    4. Are Globe plans still unlimited?

    Yes, Globe Plans continue to be unlimited but they are guided by the Fair Use Policy. This allows Globe to ensure that you, along with everybody else, get to equally share an enjoyable broadband experience. There is an allowable usage volume but beyond this, Globe may implement measures to accounts that reach this. These may also change without prior notice.

    • For Wimax with 512kbps the average download is from 16GB to 20GB.
    • For Wimax 1MBPS the average download ranges from 21GB to 25GB.
    • For Super Surf / Power Surf Prepaid promo 800MB

    If you were affected by this policy, it may be because your internet habits don't suit your plan. You might want to consider upgrading your plan or shifting to a DSL connection.

    5. Globe Prepaid: I paid for unlimited SuperSurf/PowerSurf/BlackBerry Max service, why was I affected by the Fair Use Policy of Globe?

    There are appropriate services for certain activities. Please understand that SuperSurf/PowerSurf/BlackBerry Max is designed for mobile use. File sharing (i.e. P2P, torrents, etc.) or downloading large files from the internet (i.e., môviês) increases your chances of being affected by the Globe Fair Use Policy. Please be aware that media strêâmïng and downloading of torrents are also discouraged.

    If you were affected by this policy, it may be because your internet habits don't suit your plan. You might want to consider upgrading your plan or shifting to a DSL connection.

    6. Can you ensure that my service will improve if I comply to the Fair Use Policy of Globe?

    There is no reason for you to be affected by the Globe Fair Use Policy if you refrain from activities such as sharing software and downloading files in large format like music, videos, and môviês which contribute to your high bandwidth use. This allows us to provide you and all our other customers with an equally enjoyable broadband service.

    7. Why 800MB now and 1GB previously?

    Globe Policy on Fair usage is updated continuously to provide the best in-use experience for all its customers. 800 MB is still more than enough to ensure consistent and superior service for all its subscribers.

    7.1. What can I do with 800 MB?

    With this capacity, you can do the following activities using the Internet:

    • Send/receive 22,400 plain text emails
    • Send/receive 2,720 emails with document attachments
    • View 2,720 web pages
    • Download 200 songs
    • Upload/download 1,600 social media posts
    • View 272 minutes of strêâmïng video or 4.5 hours of video conferencing with your loved ones abroad
    • Download 1 90-minute môviê

    8. I'm an Android/iPhone user, how can I manage my data usage?

    You can text DATACOUNTER IPHONE or DATACOUNTER ANDROID to 8888. You will receive a link on how to download an app that can help you monitor and manage your MB usage. The data manager app is free but you will be charged for the MB utilized in downloading the mobile app.
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  2. its better to use smart than globe
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  3. Tama or Sun.. atleast dun walang fair use policy.hahahaha.. Lalo na ngayon. Sobrang bagal ng net dahi lsa FreeFB.
  4. bumulok globe...putol putol ang kupad hahaha fb lng madalas ma browse >.<

    smart naman dito samin kupad din hays...wala mapuntahan haha
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  5. Rj Abueva

    Rj Abueva Addict Established

    ramdam kita bro ^_^
  6. hahaha... fair usage daw... sakto ang bayad namin every month pero ang serbisyo na natanggap kulang... sinong niloko nyo may unlimited subscription ba na may limit...... kahit bata alam ang kaibahan ng unlimited sa limited.... sana ang promotion niyo, "bili kayo globe plan kasi hanggang 1gb every day" huwag niyong sabihin unlimited kasi panloloko yan....
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