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Help Failed login at PHC using some circumvention tools

Discussion in 'Site Assistance' started by alist1986, May 17, 2015.

  1. I'm well versed on browser configurations, but I just want to know what requirements are needed to satisfy a successful login at PHC while keeping my anonymity/security intact.
    It isn't that important in general, but i would like to know some additional info why some techniques using circumvention tools work, while others fail the login process here. Other forums have different results that's why I asked.

    I'm using bare browsers without the restrictive addons. All of them had exact results as seen below.

    Here are some simple approaches I made and the results:
    (All have normal browsing capabilitiess)
    "OK" means logging was a success in PHC

    HSS: ok(y)
    HSS+Tor(obfproxy, or with or without pluggable transport): ok(y)
    Psiphon3 ok(y)
    Ultrasurf ok(y)
    VPN(any) ok(y)
    HSS+lantern ok(y)
    HSS+freegate not ok(n) ???
    HSS+psiphon3 not ok(n) ???
    HSS+ultrasurf ok(y)
    HSS+SSH ok(y)
    SSH1/SSH2 ok(y)
    Psiphon3+ultrasurf ok(y)

    I'm doing a personal project on a customized browser for my needs and others related to this - part of a hobby I'm doing right now.
    It already shows which approaches to avoid, but the reason for failing is still a mystery to me. Actually, login was ok for a fraction of a second and then the re-login display refreshes again. In some cases, login on the main page is ok, but opening every new page requires a login without success.
    Any answer will be of help.

  3. copyMerk

    copyMerk Forum Veteran Established

    Ganyan din nang yayari sa akin noon. Login ka nga pero pagbukas mo ng ibang page kailangan mo padin mag login. Akala ko ako lang. Nasa gamit palang vpn.
  4. Good day!

    It was just all my assumptions because I'm not an enthusiast to this.

    Let's focus on HSS+Freegates and HSS+Psiphon...

    Just a manifestation:
    "How will the host/site respond to the one connecting into it telling that it came from Country-X and Country-Y at the same time?"

    After reading an article about the diff. on how proxy server and vpn secure your internet activity, I assume that there will be problems may arise running multiple anti-censorship tools of the same kind. (e.g VPN-&-VPN) ...I'm just imagining here how the connection looks like. Like wires or pipes - series and parallel. (Series-allowed Parallel-not). Or just nevermind. :p

    TOR is an exception, I guess. HSS, Freegate and Psiphon are VPNs while Ultrasurf is a proxy-based tool. No idea for Lantern and SSHs.

    If you wonder what's or what are the reason(s) for unsuccessful login here at PHC with that combinations,, then I wonder how other sites with login allow that. (though I didn't really get the point of running more than one of that tools at the same time - its your own business).

    Again, I'm not an expert, and it was just all my assumptions. I just want to voice it out. :D
    Last edited: May 18, 2015
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  5. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    If cookies/browser cookies are not being correctly set, that may be the reason.
    Ensure all those proxy app preserve cookies or accept cookies correctly.
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  6. Maraming salamat Draft and sorry for the late response. I got it boss! Yan nga siguro ang kulang, ayon na rin sa same experience ni copymerk. Yung dati kong forum ganyan din ang nangyari. Pinag-aaralan ko lang kasi yung mga ginagawa ng mga net tools (bare or in chain) para malaman ko rin yung limitations nila using my browser bundle. Sample case lang yung sa PHC, dahil malimit naman akong nag-login sa site.
    TYVM again(y).
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