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Tutorial Easy PC Enhancing Tips

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by delfermil30, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. Problems That Can Occur

    1) Your computer has "Dirty" and neglected registry- Registry is often overlooked when it comes to computers. A computer's registry stores almost all the configuration settings and options for windows operating system. With this in mind you can see how a neglected registry can sometimes become a problem.

    2) Viruses invade your computer-Viruses can be malicious to your computer and cause serious and sometimes permanent damage.

    3) Your computer obtains spyware and adware- Although usually not as threatening as viruses, spyware and adware will bring your computer to a stand still

    4) Your computer becomes speckled with program and file fragments- This is a very easy fix, but still an often neglected problem. Fragments take up unnecessary space on your computer when not ordered correctly.

    5) Your computer has unnecessary programs or files- These files and programs, if left on your computer, take up unnecessary memory. Any extra memory you can manage will speed up your computer.

    6) Your computer is bogged down by internet cookies and cache- This problem is almost equivalent to the one above. cookies take up memory and memory equals speed

    7) Your computer lacks the appropriate amount of random access memory (RAM)- Without the appropriate amount of RAM your computer can never reach peak performance.

    1) Dirty Registry- Clean it up! Download a registry cleaner and get it straightened out. Your computer's performance will improve almost immediately. The best free registry cleaner i have found is COMODO registry.

    2) Viruses- The best way to combat viruses is to just keep your anti-virus software up-to-date and run it regularly. If you don't yet have an anti-virus program be sure to get one immediately.

    3) Spyware/Adware- To get rid of spy/adware there are plenty of free programs online ready to be downloaded. Be sure to check out a review of the program before hand, so that you don't end up downloading something potentially harmful.

    4) Fragments- Run your disc defragmenter every other week or so just to make sure all of the fragments needs are met. This will your greatly improve your computer's performance.

    5) Unnecessary Files/Programs- Every so often you should look through your list of programs and make some cuts on what you don't need. Also be sure to empty your recycle bin to farthur save memory.

    6) Internet cookies/cache- Along with programs and files internet cache, history, and cookies should be deleted every so often to take advantage of memory,

    7) Lack of RAM- If you have done all of the above and still have not recieved the performance and speed you are looking for, you may want to purchase some more RAM.
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  2. Really helpful! thanks! :)
  3. REDnaxela

    REDnaxela Addict Established

    thanks for this hellpful tips :)
  4. Thanks for informative tips
  5. welcome mga bro ;)
  6. Very useful tip :)
  7. Very helpful one thank you so much :)
  8. Thanks Bro, keep sharing,.
  9. Thanks for sharing.
  10. thanks for this hellp
  11. Nice tips. Usually, ang pc naman ay ok kung kakaunti lang talaga ang laman nya at yung mahahalaga lang ang naka-install at umaandar sa background. Kung gusto mong mag-perform siya ng mabilis, alamin mo muna yung limitations ng hardware mo sa OS at softwares na gagamitin mo. At huwag mong sagarin masyado ang usage ng cpu nya at iba pang parts ng tumagal ang buhay. Prone and pc parts sa heat kaya uwasan silang uminit ng husto.
    Dapat pati, meron siyang timed and scheduled maintenance depende sa uri ng paglilinis: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly...(nasa inyo na yan)... for software and hardware..Sa ganitong paraan lagi siyang nasa kondisyon.
    Sample (my case) sa 24/7 pc ko :
    Daily: software: ccleaner
    Weekly: software: rkill+jrt+adwcleaner hardware: air cooler fins dust removal for laptops
    Monthly: software: combofix+defraggler (para sa hdd) + sorting of files and folders (para maayos tingnan) + backupcopy of files+folders to DVD
    *Sa desktops ko, airblowing ng casing every 2 months - alis alikabok lang he he!
    Ang extra tips ko pa, kung gagamit kayo ng 64-bit OS (ng WinXP pataas), please use 4GB and up of RAM. Swerte na natin ngayon, mura na ang upgrade compared noong 2006 na nag-umpisa ako sa WinXP x64 - grabe talaga presyo noon.
  12. thanks for sharing bossing(y)
  13. salamat boss :) keep on sharing .. :).. galing mo talaga boss.. salamat ulit
  14. Thanks for sharing :)
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