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Tutorial DoS Attack with CMD

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by Psybot Sword, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Quote:Q: what is dos ??

    A: Denial of Service (DoS) attackes are aggressive attacks on an

    individual Computer or WebSite with intent to deny services to intended


    DoS attackes can target end-user systems, servers, routers and Network links(websites)


    1- Command Prompt (CMD or DOS) Which is usually integrated in all Windows.

    2- Ip-Address of Targeted Site.


    No problem.. here is the solution..

    open ur CMD (command prompt).. and type

    ping Please or Register to view links


    nslookup yoursite .com

    It will show u ip of the site.

    ohk now write this command in CMD For Attack on Any Site/ Server..

    ------> ping SITE-IP -l 65500 -n 10000000 -w 0.00001 <------

    Here -n 10000000= the number of DoS attemps.. u can change the value "10000000" with ur desired value u want to attempt attack.

    SITE-IP= Replace the **** with the ip address of the site u want to be attacked..

    -w 0.00001 = It is the waiting time after one ping attack.

    NOTE: Dont Change or Remove -l, -n and -w in this command.. otherwise u will not able to attack!!

    Good luck :)
  2. ma try ko ito nyahaha :)
  3. iLoonie

    iLoonie Eternal Poster Established

    you should warn users ts that if hindi hidden yung real ip nila, lagot sila sa authorities. although some targets may ignore, may iba rin na super dangerous i-attack, so for added defence lang sa mga mag try.
  4. Haha.. Yes naka limutan ko pala :D use at your own risk
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