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Discover the Niagara Falls Of The Philippines And Other Incredible Waterfalls Around The Country

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by aregee, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. For anyone who loves nature and adventure, it’s difficult to resist the dramatic, yet sometimes dangerous, allure of waterfalls. With trekking and at times “buwis buhay” feats involved, it only makes the breathtaking view of cascading waters thundering down into a calm pool even more worth it.

    Luckily for us, the Philippines is dotted with waterfalls just waiting to be discovered and appreciated. From Luzon to Mindanao, we give you ten incredible waterfalls, in no particular order, that you can add to your list of places to visit.

    1. Please or Register to view linksGinatilan, Cebu
    Cebu isn’t just known for Sinulog and their famous crispy lechon, it’s also home to some of the country’s most beautiful waterfalls!

    A relatively unknown one is Inambakan Falls in Ginatilan, Cebu. South Cebu may be popular among tourists for diving and whale shark watching, but very few travelers get to see and swim in the azure waters of Inambakan Falls.

    Inambakan Falls, Cebu | Photo from Please or Register to view links

    Tucked away in St. Pedro Calungsod’s (the second Filipino saint) hometown in Ginatilan, this waterfall is one that’s considered to be a local secret. Very few local and foreign tourists visit since most of them head to the popular Kawasan Falls instead. The waterfall drops about 100 feet high and splashes onto azure waters that can go as deep as 8 feet.

    How to Get to Inambakan Falls
    Via Oslob

    Go to Cebu City’s Southern Bus Terminal and ride any bus to Oslob. The fare costs approximately ₱120 one way and takes around 3 to 4 hours. Once in Oslob, take the Bato bound non-airconditioned bus for ₱15 – ₱20.

    Once in Bato bus terminal, ride the Moalboal via Barili bound non-airconditioned bus and tell the conductor you’d alight at Ginatilan in front of a Julie’s bakeshop. Once there, hire a habal-habalfor ₱80 round trip to take you to the falls. There is a short and easy 5-10 minute trek to reach the falls. There is also a ₱10 entrance fee.

    If you have your own car or van, there is a parking area near the Inambakan Falls jump off point. Parking fee costs about ₱30 – ₱40.

    2. Please or Register to view linksAlamada, North Cotabato
    Mindanao almost always gets unwarranted bad press because of the perceived danger in the region. Anyone who gets to visit though knows that it’s endowed with beautiful natural landscapes. One that you’ll find deep in one of its mountainous forests is Asik-Asik Falls.

    With bursts of water coming from the verdant wall of the mountain, Asik-Asik Falls is nothing short of spectacular. The vegetation that clings onto the mountain as the waterfalls burst creates a surreal picture. As soon as you enter the premises of the waterfall, you will be dumbfounded!

    Asik-Asik Falls, North Cotabato | Photo by Please or Register to view links

    Getting to Asik-Asik is no easy task as the road is unpaved. But for those who make the trip, they will make unforgettable memories.

    How to Get to Asik-Asik Falls
    From Cotabato City, ride a van going to Midsayap for ₱60 – the trip is approximately an hour long. Once in town, hire a habal-habal to take you to Upper Dado in Alamada and back to Midsayap for approximately ₱800 – ₱1,000.

    It will take approximately an hour and a half to get to Upper Dado. There is also an entrance fee of ₱20 to cross a bridge.

    Once in Upper Dado, you will transfer to a sturdier habal-habal to reach the jump-off point. You will also have to pay ₱30 entrance fee once you register at the tourism booth in Upper Dado.

    There are accredited habal-habals that will take you to the jump-off point for ₱75 one way per passenger; the trip takes around 30 minutes. Once at the jump-off point, you will have to take an approximately 30-minute trek to get to the falls. The tiring and difficult path leading to the falls will be worth it though.

    3. Please or Register to view linksIligan City, Lanao del Norte
    Tinago Waterfall is another gem in Mindanao, this time near Iligan City. Its emerald waters and powerful downpour of water is a delight you cannot miss. The cascade of water rushes to the azure waters down below.

    The waterfall creates picturesque tiers that create a mystifying allure. Soak in its cool waters to wash down the heat of the sun. Visitors can also cliff dive or ride a raft to the waterfall to experience Tinago up close and personal. For the more adventurous, you can climb up one of the tiers for a cool picture.

    Tinago Falls, Lanao del Norte | Photo by Please or Register to view links

    How to Get to Tinago Falls
    Tinago Falls is tucked away near Iligan City in Lanao del Norte. Ride the bus bound for Buru-un for ₱15 from NPC Nature Park then alight at the terminal.

    Once at the terminal, hire a habal-habal for approximately ₱150 to take you to the jump-off point to the falls and back to the terminal where you can get a ride back to the city. The entrance fee and tips are up to you as there was no fixed price when I visited. Most visitors head to both Tinago and Maria Cristina Falls on the same trip to Iligan.

    4. Please or Register to view linksLazi, Siquijor
    Cambugahay Falls is another destination that intrepid wanderers can experience as they explore the Island of Fire, Siquijor. The falls’ blue and cool waters are as magical as the island. Visiting this multi-tiered waterfall is the perfect way to cool off from the heat after bumming around the pristine beaches of Siquijor. Take the plunge by jumping off one of the waterfalls’ tiers or by swinging into the waters using a vine hanging from one of the trees.

    Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor | Photo by Please or Register to view links

    How to Get to Cambugahay Falls
    Once in Siquijor, you can get a tour from any of the tricycle drivers on the island. Most drivers package Cambugahay Falls with a tour around the island for around ₱1,000 for the whole day. Visitors can also rent motorcycles to explore the island on their own.

    5. Please or Register to view linksBislig, Surigao del Sur
    Tinuy-An Falls in Caraga is dubbed as the “Niagara Falls of the Philippines.” This wonderful masterpiece of nature is a sight to behold with huge amounts of water crashing down amidst a backdrop of lush vegetation and rock formations. Feel the power of the waterfall by riding a raft under its mighty downpour. Visitors can also climb up the side of the waterfall to get an overlooking view. You can also swim in the fall’s shallow waters to cool off. There are huts where you can get a great view of the waterfalls while having a picnic with family and friends.

    Tinuy-an Falls, Surigao del Sur | Photo by Joshua Berida

    How to Get to Tinuy-An Falls
    From Bislig, you can hire a habal-habal for around ₱350 to take you to the waterfall and back to your accommodation in town. There is an entrance fee of ₱50.

    6. Please or Register to view linksBaler, Aurora
    Baler is known for its waves that are perfect for surfing, but Baler also has a spectacular waterfall that every visitor must visit. Ditumabo falls, also known as Mother Falls, is a wonderful work of nature. This towering waterfall is picturesque from every angle. If you are tired of surfing all day, swimming in Ditumabo Falls is a good alternative.

    Ditumabo Falls (Mother Falls), Aurora | Photo from Please or Register to view links

    How to Get to Ditumabo Falls
    From Metro Manila, ride an overnight bus for around ₱600 to ₱700 to get to Baler, Aurora.

    Once in Baler, there are tricycle drivers willing to take you to the falls as a packaged tour with other destinations for approximately ₱1,200 to ₱1,500 for the whole day.

    7. Please or Register to view linksSiniloan, Laguna
    While not as popular as Pagsanjan Falls in the same province, a trip to Buruwisan Falls is a rewarding experience. The trail to Buruwisan falls is not for the faint of heart. A trek through muddy trails (when it rains) and forested areas is no easy task. But once visitors have conquered the initial challenge of getting to the falls, it is a rewarding experience.

    Buruwisan Falls, Laguna | Photo from Please or Register to view links

    Buruwisan Falls beautifully and slowly gushes and drops onto the basin of water at its feet. Take a dip into its emerald, cool, and refreshing waters to revitalize your tired body. After swimming, you can just sit back, relax, and take plenty of pictures of nature’s work of art.

    How to Get to Buruwisan Falls
    From Metro Manila, go to HM transit terminal in either Cubao or Taft. Once at the terminal, ride a bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Once at Sta. Cruz, ride the jeep bound for Sinaloan town. Once in town, ride a tricycle going to Brgy. Macatad in Famy, inform the driver that you want to go to Buruwisan Falls.

    8. Please or Register to view linksIligan City, Lanao del Norte
    Unlike the other waterfalls on this list, Maria Cristina Falls is more than just a tourist attraction. Maria Cristina Falls is one of the main power sources of Northern Mindanao. The waterfall is situated right next to a power plant and an eco-adventure park. There are times when Maria Cristina creates a twin fall much to the delight of its visitors. The powerful gush of water from Maria Cristina is a valuable source of energy for most neighborhoods in Northern Mindanao.

    Maria Cristina Falls, Laguna | Photo by Please or Register to view links

    How to Get to Maria Cristina Falls
    Most visitors combine Maria Cristina and Tinago Falls on the same trip. From Iligan City, ride a bus bound for Buru-un for ₱15 one way and tell the driver you’d like to get off at NPC Nature Park. There is a ₱35 entrance fee to enter the park and a ₱50 fee (for the entire group, if you’re traveling with friends and family) for the shuttle to get you to the waterfall and back to the entrance.

    9. Please or Register to view linksSagada, Mountain Province
    Sagada is known for its adventurous activities from spelunking to climbing mountains to trekking, but inside this mountainous region is a waterfall, Bomod-Ok Falls, that nature-lovers will enjoy. Getting to the falls is part of the adventure.

    Bomod-Ok Falls, Sagada by Please or Register to view links

    A trek through Sagada’s mountainous landscape is just as refreshing as taking a dip into its cool waters. Bomod-Ok powerfully drops into the basin of water just below it, creating a picturesque image with the mountainous region as its backdrop. For adrenaline junkies, nothing beats cliff diving off one of Bomod-Ok’s cliffs. The momentary flight electrifies one’s body and gives the jumper a sense of accomplishment after a tiring trek to get to the falls.

    How to Get to Bomod-Ok Falls
    There are plenty of tours in Sagada’s town that offer Bomod-Ok Falls as part of their tour packages for around ₱500 to ₱600. You will be taken on a trek through stunning landscapes and rice terraces before reaching the waterfall.

    10. Please or Register to view linksDumaguete City, Negros Oriental
    Dumaguete is known for its delicious desserts and fantastic underwater ecosystem, but for those looking for an alternate activity they can visit Casaroro Falls. Casaroro Falls is hidden in a tough trail through a forest and a rocky road. The trek is no cake walk, but for those who manage to overcome the difficult trail, Casaroro Falls is a noteworthy destination.

    Casaroro Falls, Dumaguete | Photo from Please or Register to view links

    The falls is surrounded by lush vegetation, a rocky path, and the sounds of water rushing out. Douse your aching and tired body with the fall’s cool, refreshing waters.

    How to Get to Casaroro Falls
    From Dumaguete City, ride the jeep bound for Valencia for ₱12; the trip takes around 20 minutes one way. From Valencia, hire a habal-habal for ₱100 one way; ask the driver to pick you up after your trip.

    These are just some of the many waterfalls one can visit in the Philippines. A trip to any of these waterfalls is an excellent alternative after visiting the Philippines’ best beaches.
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