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Discussion in 'Web & Internet' started by Mitzuki, Sep 19, 2013.

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  1. Most of the Webmasters or Bloggers already know what is the NoFollow and DoFollow backlinks how they effect Please or Register to view links position of certain website. But many of us exactly don’t know the difference between them or don’t know how to measure if the links are DoFollow or Nofollow. So let’s start from the background.

    What is Backlinks?
    A backlink is any link received by a Website/Blog/Directory from another Website. Backlinks are the incoming links to a webpage. Backlinks are also Known as incoming links,inbound links,inlinks and inwardlinks.

    Type of backlinks :
    Backlinks are two types:

    DoFollow Links:
    A dofollow link will pass the SEO strength, or “PageRank” of the page to the outbound page it links to. DoFollow backlinks are the backlinks that all search engine care most. Dofollow attribute simply tells the Search engine to follow the link so if your website has a dofollow backlinks then you will get a Up Vote from the website it has dofollow attribute in the backlinks. Basically all the backlinks are dofollow if you don’t mention it otherwise by giving a nofollow attribute. We will learn more about nofollow attribute at the end of this article.

    <a href=”phcorner.net” >Bdtrickz</a>

    NoFollow Links:
    A Nofollow backlink instructs search engines that this backlink should not influence the ranking of a particular website or blog in search engines. Nofollow backlinks are ignored by most of the search engines. But that doesn’t means having a lots of Nofollow backlinks won’t help you in SEO. Having nofollow backlinks is good but having Dofollow backlinks is better. You need to build dofollow backlinks as much as you can so that you can have a good PageRank or have a good position in the search engine.


    <a href=”phcorner.net” rel=”nofollow”>Bdtrickz</a>

    Read: Please or Register to view links
    How to check if a link is dofollow or nofollow:
    For Chrome User:

    • Download and Install this Please or Register to view links.
    • This plugin will check if any links on any page is dofollow or nofollow. If its nofollow , then the link will be highlighted with red color. So you can easily check which link is nofollow.
    Share ko lang po baka makatulong sa iba:p​
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  2. Thank you for giving the information. I would like to see some more threads on this topic as I would like to do follow and do-follow links for my website to promote to my target audiences.
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