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Tutorial Deploy .Net Applications without .Net Framework

Discussion in 'Coding, Programming' started by fallen90, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Good day guys, first time ko lng magpopost sa programming section kasi kadalasan nagrerelease ako ng mga gawa ko, i dont have time to create tutorials ^_^



    1. MoMa - (Mono Migration Analyzer) This helps you to find some methods or issues during the porting to Mono from .NET..
    -if you are using windows API calls frequently, i advice you not to proceed .. it would be useless and would conform to a lot of exceptions and compilation errors
    Please or Register to view links
    2. Mono for Windows and GTK# with XSP server -
    Please or Register to view links

    3. GTK# for .NET - for the graphics. used by mono instead of GDI
    Please or Register to view links

    4. Cygwin - Linux feel on windows. We need this.
    Please or Register to view links

    5. Notepad++ (optional) search google

    START ! ^_^

    1. Pag natpos mo ng madownload ang lahat ng mga iyon. install mo isa isa.. in this following ORDER
    -GTK# for .NET
    -MONO for WIndows
    -Notepad++ (kung wala ka pa)

    2. magtataka kau, ung Moma at ung Cygwin ndi pa iinstall? Mamaya pa.. ^_^ ... ngaun, i extract ang Moma, dahil naka Zip file un.. at i run ang Moma.exe,

    Follow the steps on the screen, then on the select Assemblies to analyze... press the "+" button .... Browse for your .exe file.. the compiled Executable.. in the bin folder, either on the debug or the Release

    .. then run the analyzer.. if you saw no errors, you can proceed ^_^

    ung sakin, may dalawang methods na sabi eh "2 Methods are Marked as MonoTODO" pero sinubukan ko parin

    3. Now install Cygwin

    Open the Setup.exe
    Click Next>
    Select "Install from INternet"
    See if you want to modify the Cygwin directory or not, press Next if not>
    Set your Local package directory, if the directory is ok, press next >
    Select Direct Connection, press next >
    wait till the mirrors are downloaded.
    Select the top mirror. press next>
    Wait till the download finish
    the Cygwin Package installer window would open, now install three packages
    gcc-mingw, pkg-config, mingw-zlib1, mingw-zlib-devel

    type nio lng...sa search bar

    pra ndi kau mahirapan, gumwa ako ng video tutorial para sa pag install ng Cygwin.. para dito.
    4. after installing Cygwin, open up Notepad ++ and paste the code

    choose your operating system archi

    WINDOWS 64bit

       Sorry you need to Register / Login to see this Codes!    

    windows x32

       Sorry you need to Register / Login to see this Codes!    

    copy it per line, or else, magkakaerror sa execution ng shell script. magndang itype nio by hand to prevent it.. tried and tested po ung code

    now save it on the folder where your executable lies.. and name it as package.sh
    it's upto you kung anu ang gusto niong pangalan, pero basta .sh ang extension

    5. lastly is running the packager....

    open Cygwin Terminal on your desktop.

    navigate to your folder where your executable file is in...

    TAKE NOTE, if the path is C:\Users\Somebody\My Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\SomeProject\SomeProject\bin\Debug

    the C:\ in cygwin is /cygdrive/c
    it's a couple of cd's to get to your directory eheheh ^_^
    so let's say your' on the folder where your exe file together with your other files is in there,.. and also the package.sh is also there.. let's run the packager script
    type in the terminal

       Sorry you need to Register / Login to see this Codes!    

    then press enter to execute. ^_^

    w8 for the process to finish..

    read carefully to what errors would the packager encountered if any.

    you can post your problems encounterd during the packaging process.


    When deploying or distributing your application that had been packaged.. you should take to considerations the following

    -the mono-2.0.dll must be on the same directory as the package exe or dll, coz it depends on that
    -the same assemblies (dll files) that you refenced on your project may or may not be required to include it in the application directory, itest muna kung gagana ng magisa lng sila ng mono-2.0.dll

    THAT"s all.. pag may tanung. post nio lng ^_^
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  2. Thanks. :)salute
    Bookmark muna tol ..

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