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Dear Alyanna,

Discussion in 'Quotes & Poems' started by madpro, May 29, 2016.

  1. I know im not good in english but, im trying hard to be in this situation to be a part of your life, and to be more understand what i say comes from my heart. Ive been looking for so long to this feelings that i had right now. I didnt fully understand why i cant take my smile off because whenever im making a message for you, my lips automatically smiled even i have curse by crashing in a bike.
    Alyanna, even im not a perfect guy for you ill do my best to bring more and more happines in your life. i know bolero is still bolero but im asking you to give and apply more understanding and patients on me. even i am like that kind of a person, i still do all my promises i made with you. Theres only one thing ill make sure to you "i will never ever hurt you until the day i die" keep that in your mind and thats a promise.
    From now onm ill stop playing life now. I will spent uncounted good and serious thoughts in our future no matter what happened. Even the deepest OOOOOCCEEEEAANN conquer us, no more deeper than deeper to what i feel for you Alyanna. Do you know this thing? CXXXX||:::::::::::::::> that a knife and i will use that thing to hurt my self if you leave me. I want to find what FOREVER is.. and i think this will be the PATH of the ROAD to going to that place and i will never ever turn arround instead i will focusly straight on my sight and walk directly on this path.

    Ill do my best to be the best MAN in your life Alyanna. please give me a chance to prove that to whoever stands us!. I Love You to the DEEPEST thing in my HEART.

    Take care always.

    Love Forever,
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  2. Ang mo naman madpro hehe
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