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Trivia Dealing with Arrogant People

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by Yours, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. How to Deal with Arrogant People

    The best way to deal with an arrogant person is to understand why he is being Please or Register to view links. This may sound odd, but the truth is, as soon as you know the reason behind his arrogance you will pity him.
    Arrogant people think that they are always right, they think that they know the best answers to all life problems and they think that they are better than most of the ordinary people. Arrogance is no more than a shield that covers inner emptiness and sometimes an inferiority complex.

    What Causes Arrogance

    Arrogance is a defense mechanism used by the Please or Register to view links in order to prevent further criticism. If someone had a terrible childhood and if he was hurt by others he may develop arrogance in order to prevent further criticism from hurting him, the trick usually works, because if someone criticized him he can simply devalue him and assume that he is worthless.
    Arrogant behavior can be a result of feeling neglected. If someone felt that he is not getting all the attention he deserves, he may unconsciously become arrogant just to attract some of the lost attention.
    Arrogant people are single minded, they either think that they are superior to others or inferior to them. This arrogant person who is intimidating you feels inferior to someone else because this is how his mind works, this arrogance may be nothing more than a way to cover this Please or Register to view links he experiences when dealing with someone else.

    The weak Point of Arrogant people

    Dealing with an arrogant person is much easier than you think. Just treat him as if he is not superior, I am not asking you to ignore him, just treat him as if he is like the other normal people and this will be enough to let him avoid you. The arrogant person is carving for attention so if you ignored him you will remind him of his Please or Register to view links and this will let him forget about his superiority when dealing with you.
    Impressing an arrogant person is very simple, just convince him that you can do something that is of importance to him better than him and he will become impressed. In my book Please or Register to view links, i described how you can make narcissists and arrogant people fall in love with you by making them believe that you are superior to them. The moment you make those people believe that you are more powerful than them, they will stick to you like your shadow.
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