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DEAD TARGET APK MOD Unlimited Money Gold

Discussion in 'Android Games' started by DonttrustanyonE, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. DEAD TARGET APK MOD Unlimited Money Gold



    It is always a good time to take out your weapon and start shooting those annoying zombies that want to ruin the day, in a digital way, of course. DEAD TARGET: Zombie is a static first-person action shooting game, similar to the classic SEGA title House of the Dead. This title is available for a free download for the main mobile systems, Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

    Although the main interest of the title is just shooting at the zombies with big weapons, DEAD TARGET: Zombie needs some context. Set in the year 2040, CS corp captured a state prison in order to make a legion of zombies. Obviously, this kind of thing never goes according to the plan and the undead outbreak destroys the civilization around the prison. Now is the time for a veteran to enter to the field once again and exterminate the zombie threat before it is too late.

    Now is the time for a veteran to enter to the field once again and exterminate the zombie threat before it is too late.

    The visual part of the game is rather good, but sometimes the zombies’ models are clearly repetitive. There will be some stages in which a horde of homeless zombies, all dressed in the same fashion, will go directly to you while you wonder if you killed that zombie already or not. The sound aspect doesn’t stand out over the general aspect of the app except for the constant ‘Headshot’ that you will hear if you are good at aiming.

    Shoot them before they come too close


    The game controls are very specific from the beginning. On the left side of the screen, there is a virtual pad that will work for aiming the crosshair. On the right side, there are several actions, the shooting button, reloading, and even the function of grenade and medicine kit for boosting your health after being hit.

    The great weapon arsenal that waits for you in the game includes from basic guns or rifles toadvanced grenade launchers or assault rifles. Each weapon is meant for certain kinds of zombies since it will be really difficult to take down a giant boss with a simple gun. Their physical aspect determines the diverse types of enemies, and some of these are not meant to be shot at the head for the finishing blow.

    DEAD TARGET: Zombie includes more than 500 battles, and more to come in further downloadable content for free. Keep the frontline and defend yourself from hordes of zombie invaders with the different elements and items you can get throughout the stages. If you want some kind of competition, you can compare your progress with your online friends in the published leaderboard.

    New and powerful weapons

    DEAD TARGET: Zombie 1.2.9 Features

    In this section, you will find the main features for the action app game DEAD TARGET: Zombie:

    • Play as one of the commando forces sent as a hired reinforcement against the zombie breach
    • Immersive zombie apocalypse in which you have to stop the undead infection before it is too late
    • High-quality graphics with HD textures optimized for tablets
    • Implemented advanced engine with ragdoll physics and stunning visual style
    • Fight in more than 500 battles in environments such as the subway, a hospital or a state prison location slaying the zombies in the area
    • Discover the huge arms arsenal available and use the strong guns depending on the enemies on the battlefield
    • Boost your abilities and become the terminator protecting the village
    • Compete against your friends in the online leaderboards using Google+ or Facebook
    • Complete the available quests and unlock the achievements for rewards
    • Download additional content through further updates and get extra items and benefits in the in-app store
    Join the zombie gaming community visiting the Please or Register to view links by VNG Game Studios.


    System Requirements
    Check the requirements needed to run this game on your device:
    • Operating System: Windows Phone 8, Android 2.3, iOS 6 or later
    • Size: 69.5MB free space and additional for further content

    DEAD TARGET APK MOD Unlimited Money Gold

    ||Game: DEAD TARGET APK ||
    ||Version: 1.6.2 ||
    ||Android : 2.3 ||
    ||Mod: Unlimited Coin and Cash || INTERNET NOT REQUIRED

    credits to aplikasimob (y)

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