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Discussion in 'Stories, Fiction & Essays' started by DonttrustanyonE, May 5, 2016.

  1. Daddy!!!
    Elizabeth was downstairs watching the news well her mom was upstairs. Elizabeth's dad was going bowling. All of a sudden on the TV a news alert popped up. The reporter said "We have now been notified that a man named Nathan Pope was just in a car accident. He was hit by a drunk driver. He is in critical condition." That was Elizabeth's DAD!! Elizabeth yelled in a sad tone "MOM!!!!" Her mom came running down the stairs. Elizabeth pointed at the TV, Her mom said "We have to get to the hospital.
    They got to the hospital as Elizabeth's dad was rushed in. Elizabeth cried "DADDY!!!" There was 3 nurses. Elizabeth rushed up to her dad. The nurses shoved her away and said "Your daddy is ok. We have to help him though. You can see him soon!" About 3 minutes later there was a long BEEEEEEEEP! After about 1 minute a nurse came out and said to the mom "Im very sorry. Nathan has just died." Elizabeth's mom dropped to her knees. Elizabeth yelled "YOUR LYING! I DONT BELIEVE YOU!" But she snapped back in to reality and said "Can I see my daddy?" The nurse nodded. Elizabeth's mom came in too. Elizabeth kneeled down. Elizabeth said "Daddy, I love you. Your the best dad ever!!"
    Credits to respectful owner (Y)
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