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Crisis Action-eSport FPS ver. 1.9.1 [PARANG SpecialForce or CrossFire]

Discussion in 'Android Games' started by The One, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. The One

    The One Enthusiast Established

    Android Game Details
    Crisis Action-eSport FPS
    | Name
    hero games | Developer
    Action | Genre
    1.9.1 | Latest Version
    March 5, 2016| Lastest Game Update
    3.0+ | Os Required

    MOD Features
    Infinite Ammo
    No Recoil

    Download Links
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    (y) PALIKE at PAFOLLOW (y)
  2. The One

    The One Enthusiast Established

    hello dn boss may maitutulong ba ako :)
  3. Online to sir? Ty
  4. The One

    The One Enthusiast Established

  5. nalaro ko na to maganda kaso medyo mahirap laruin kung sanay ka sa pc (y)
  6. Meart08

    Meart08 Grasshopper Established

    Boss Puwede Ba Siya Sa 3G Data Connection Sa Android o Sa Pocket Wifi .
  7. forgot to say you need to change the found values for faster autoaim to 9, 90 or 900

    code to fly: 1034147594;1051931443 change it to 1070000000

    (if you stuck anywhere or cant move change it to 0

    code for wallhack and go through walls: 1034147594;1017370378 change it to 1132593152

    code for fast reload: 1008981770;1110704128;1036831949
    after this search you need to search for 1008981770 then change the found adresses to 1055000000

    If you want to change your weapon search first for standard weapons

    TMP Basiscode

    1. 308045 (mp5n)
    2. 301123 (P90 Snow wolf)
    3. 205116 (KSG EvilBone)
    4. 204136 (EvilL AA-12-SEN)
    5. 204103 (AA-12 Inferno)
    6. 203085 (Striker Burst)
    7. 201044 (M1014 E2)

    Basiccode: (Glock 17)
    (105021) ↓↓↓↓

    Pistol codes

    1. 109075 (ma-sealsodier)
    2. 108106 (STI Hellfire)
    3. 106044 (M1911 Executive)
    4. 105025 (Glock17 Wild)
    5. 104103 (Python Cobra)
    6. 103103 (M93R OCP)
    7. 102120 (Halo Kinght max!)
    8. 102105 (Glock 18 Strom)
    9. 101204 (G.Desert Eagle- C)
    10. 101104 (Desert-Eagle-IM)

    List of weapon code:
    605131 (Redwolf m82A1)
    606136 (Flash Knight IX)
    606041 (AWP)
    306081 (UMP45)
    305061 (PP2000)
    303051 (g.mp5n)
    307101 (super-v)
    401121 (SCAR)
    402121 (acr)
    403041 (G.AK47)
    403061 (AK47)
    403085 (Fire Dragon M38)
    403128 (Dark Knight) SPECIAL LEVEL
    404021 (Death Knight)
    404041 (Agent M4a1)
    404051 (Red M4a1)
    404061 (m4a1)
    403021 (Dark Knight)
    403051 (Null / Unknown) Can use
    403121 (Dark Knight)
    403171 (Ti AK47)
    403181 (Evil AK47)
    404121 (death knight)
    404181 (ti m4a1)
    404191 (vision m4a1)

    If you need more codes use google or visit our site Please or Register to view links

    Have fun

    PS: for disable the Anticheat in crisis , you dont need to install xprivacy. use lucky pâtcher, recompile the app and disable all "crisisfire" processes
  8. Yanspanget02

    Yanspanget02 Addict Established

    Expired link

    Pa update sensei
  9. G Flum

    G Flum PHC Master Established

    Boss may upadte nito? deadlink kasi

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