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Discussion in 'Quotes & Poems' started by creedito, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. creedito

    creedito Forum Guru Established

    So much anger is wrapped around my heart,
    Compressing my blood to stop it from flowing delicately,
    Tears drizzle down my bone cheeks as I bite my soft lips to avoid screaming.
    My heart is pierce, sharp hater and jealousy,
    I loosely open to those I thought I love.
    I couldn't feel sorrow and despair,
    I lay in the earth soil.
    My tears fill a pond beside my tomb, I shut my eyes to seal the hole,
    Nothing shelters me, but the tall grass concealing the land.
    No one to see or feel the presence of my absence,
    I blindly lose sight of where I am, deeply buried within nature's ground.
    I hear cheers above my head,
    Laughter of play,
    Yet, I peacefully don't move or stir.
    Is anyone there?
    I shall not know,
    So I gracefully shut my eyes, my heart feels a heavy burden.
    What anguish?
    I did not know such a merry place.
  2. thanks for posting :)
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